Preventing cancer is the best move because, as the phrase "prevention is better than cure"??, Preventing unnecessary damage to make a case.

Likewise for cancer, cancer prevention is much better than cure. To prevent cancer, necessary knowledge about what causes cancer so that we can avoid or ward off potential roots of cancer. Here are surefire tips to prevent cancer.
1.Examine the risk for offspring
2.Avoid foods that smoked and burned
3.Abstain from alcohol
4.Avoiding food additives
5.Avoiding cigarettes
6.Avoiding fatty foods
7.Eating foods rich in fiber
8.routine exercise
9.Vitamins A, C, and E
10.Healthy sexual behavior

Cancer, Can be Avoided?
Karen Collins, from the American Institute for Cancer Research said "Of course cancer could be avoided. Even people who have the risk of some types of cancer is still cancer free hope by changing his lifestyle."??

According to the American Institute for Cancer, there are three steps that can save a person from the possibility of getting cancer, that is eating a healthy diet, maintaining weight and exercising regularly.

"The data is clear that we can reduce the risk of cancer with a three-step," said Collins. And when added to stop smoking, then it is likely free of cancer increased 30 percent. "Half of the existing types of cancer can be prevented," he added.

According to dr. Virginia Kaklamani, oncologist specializing in breast cancer, physical activity such as exercise, can reduce the risk of cancer and weight gain can contribute to increase the risk of cancer.

More recently, the World Cancer Research Fund published a report titled Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective serving healthy key to minimizing the risk of cancer, which is based on the study of 7,000 cancer studies.

How to know the symptoms of cancer quickly
The cancer patients often do not know if he was being attacked by cancer, but cancer symptoms pretty easily observed.

Symptoms of cancer can be seen most easily get a bit more complicated. Cancer symptoms are easily observed of course that's easy to be seen by the naked eye as well as on the surface of the skin.

While more complicated if there are symptoms of the cancer in the body so that further investigation is needed to ascertain whether any of these symptoms does lead to cancer.

Cancer is a disease that is very much its kind. Noted there are more than 200 types of cancer, each of which has its own symptoms. Of course this is very inconvenient if you have to recognize it one by one.

But at least, you have to understand at least some of the symptoms of cancer in order to be aware of if the symptoms happen to you or the people around you.

Hopefully, early detection of cancer can be done so quickly can be treated. In simple terms, cancer symptoms can be divided into two: the symptoms of cancer and cancer symptoms can be hard to see.
Visible symptoms of cancer or Perceived

Symptoms of cancer that arises is easily seen on the surface or the symptoms are easily felt. For example, the symptoms of breast cancer, will appear lump in the breast.

Obviously this is easily seen and felt. Therefore, always check the parts of the body prone to attack cancer is very important so that early cancer symptoms quickly detected.

Symptoms of cancer that is also easy to see such as the discharge of blood in the urine. It is usually associated with symptoms of cancer in organs producing urine. Just as well if someone has a cough blood, it's very likely a symptom of lung cancer.

Examples of other cancer symptoms are easily visible as when someone is hard to swallow something. This may be a symptom of cancer of the esophagus.

Similarly, if there is a noticeable change in the skin. This may be a symptom of skin cancer. Other cancer symptoms are easily observed such as urination is not smooth, it may be a symptom of prostate cancer.

Examples of cancer symptoms are also not easily seen if preceded by another illness. For example, a person suffering from anemia or malnutrition might actually be suffering from colon cancer.

Such cancer symptoms are not easily recognized because it is very likely sufferers just take it as common diseases. In fact, it is only a symptom or indication of the beginning and stored behind a more dangerous disease that is cancer.

Symptoms similar types of cancer such as anemia and iron deficiency is a weight loss and loss of appetite. Both weight loss and loss of appetite is actually easy to spot, but generally people will be a lot of shrugged it off and just take it as a matter of course. And if you do not watch out for who knows precisely it is an early symptom of cancer.

For that reason, it is important to seek prompt if you see symptoms of cancer on the perch in your body. Examination of early cancer followed by rapid treatment of cancer can save lives.

Recognize the symptoms of cancer is also well equipped to constantly monitor the health of our bodies to avoid the deadly cancer.

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