Having healthy teeth is a very valuable asset. Besides the added confidence, healthy teeth can be spared from the name of a toothache. After I wrote about tips whiten teeth naturally before, so this time I will write about ways to maintain dental health to avoid the disease and tooth decay.
     Avoid sugary foods

Especially the sticky sweet foods tend to get accumulated between the teeth and gums and a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes cavities eroded enamel on the teeth and can cause pain.

    Avoiding food color

Avoid foods such as black coffee, black tea, wine, alcohol and carbonated beverages. They contain the fluorination of fluoride can lead to loss of teeth. Coffee and tea alone gives color to brown or yellow teeth. While wine cause bluish or greenish color of the teeth if consumed in large quantities and continuously.

    Expand consume fibrous foods

Stains on the teeth are embedded in a layer of plaque or tarter. When the layer of dirt is removed from the tooth surface, most stains are scrubbed away with tarnish. Eating fibrous or abrasive foods will help to remove layers of dirt teeth. Some species can naturally remove stains on teeth include apples, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and beer.

    Consumption of foods containing calcium

Calcium is important for the teeth to stay strong and not easily fragile. in addition to dairy foods that contain calcium include nuts, salmon, yogurt, broccoli, oranges, aplukat, almonds, soy milk, carrots, mango and others.

    Develop the habit of maintaining oral hygiene

For example, by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day after breakfast and before bed, use the appropriate method for brushing teeth as movement up and down (and not to the side), use mouthwash once a week to prevent plaque and tartar, and always use toothpaste that has fluoride in it.

    Make regular visits to the dentist.

Visits every six months is considered good for teenagers and adults. Furthermore, children aged 1 year and over must be taken to the dentist every six months.

    Drinking through a straw

In addition to keeping the drinks cold or heat directly on the teeth, it is also one way to reduce stains caused by liquids. When the drink is consumed through a straw, most of the liquid will go straight to the tongue and throat. Whereas if you drink straight from the glass, the liquid will spread to the tooth surface. It has the potential to give effect to the white stains on teeth.

    Flossing regularly for healthy gums

Flossing may not seem like a solution for whiter teeth. Flossing is more to healthy gums. Because, with regular brushing teeth, the tooth surface is still dirty and untouched remaining 40 percent.
Lots of dental floss. For example, dental floss and interdental brushes, each of which differ by the amount loophole penggunaannnya teeth. Unhealthy gums, often dirty and loose, it can make teeth look worse.

    Stop smoking

Smoking or chewing tobacco is harmful not only to the lungs but also for the mouth. Tobacco contains nicotine, it can allow breeding of bacteria in the mouth. Mixture of tar and tobacco in cigarettes is also one of the sources of the most difficult to remove stains on teeth.

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Most people know the importance of a regular check up with their family doctor to ensure that they maintain the best health they can. They also understand the importance of preventative medical care that can halt disease and illness before they progress.


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