You're planning on doing waxing shaving aka genital parts? We recommend you read this new study reports. Genitals clean without hair proved to be more susceptible measles infection.

Remove pubic hair, either by shaving, cutting, or revoke, can cause skin irritation occurs making it easier transmission of viral infections.
As well as the increase in the incidence of molluscum contagiosum virus belonging to sexually transmitted diseases.

"Removing hair in the genital area has become a fashion phenomenon in the last decade. At the same time an increase in cases of molluscum contagiosum," he said of the department of dermatology Dr.Francois Desruelles Arches Hospital, Nice, France.

Indeed, the relationship between the two remains to be confirmed by further study, but it sure Dersuelles popularity cleaning pubic hair in both men and women, increasing the risk of infection.

Remove pubic hair will also increase the risk of genital warts due to papillomavirus infection.

Desruelles and his team reported their observations in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Rash molluscum contagiosum is actually more common in children or people with immune disorders. But the disease is also transmitted through sexual contact.

To determine the relationship between these infections by cleaning the pubic hair, Desruelles in France examined 30 patients who underwent skin treatment in a private clinic in Nice between 2011 and 2012.

The average patient is approximately 30 years old and 24 of them men. Almost most patients have symptoms of redness bump-bump. In some cases, bentolnya spread to the abdomen, and some are to the hips.

Almost all patients had a pubic hair cleansing action. Shaving is the most preferred method (70 percent), the rest waxing and cutting.

One third of patients suffering from various skin diseases such as skin infections, scars, warts, until the hair does not grow back.

Transmission of measles virus transmission was suspected a form of its own, which means the patient scratching the irritated skin. Shaving with tools that are not sterilized at the salon can also increase the risk of infection.

"Removing pubic hair by laser is not relevant because there is no cutting or microscopic bleeding. Addition, waxing also has less risk than shaving," he said.

However, according to remove pubic hair also had a positive effect. Among other things prevent infestation.

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