Tips and How to Naturally Prevent Breast Cancer - Breast cancer is one of the diseases most feared by women, how does this disease mostly experienced by women and usually in women aged 20 years and above. For that in this article I will share information about how to recognize early symptoms of breast cancer and how to prevent breast cancer naturally and as early as possible.

Before companions know how to prevent breast cancer, should friends can try to use the way Sarari Breast Self-examination, with the help of your fingers are done standing or you can also check your breasts companions while bathing with soap. This is done to see if there is a lump in the breast friend. For more details sahabai can see directly in the image below:

Well after Fabeluna companions tried the above, now I akanmemberikan ways to prevent breast cancer naturally without any side effects. To shorten the time let's take a look at ways and tips to prevent breast cancer following:

- Green Tea
The easiest way is to drink green tea, but friends also need to pay attention to the sugar content, do not overdo the use of sugar in green tea According to Dr. Gail Sonenshein green tea is not thinking about the negative effects that can harm one's body, and its own green tea contains polyphenols that can be high antioxidants to prevent breast cancer. If friends do not want to get breast cancer easiest way is often to drink green tea to prevent breast cancer.

- Fruits and Vegetables
Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants and high DAPT prevents cell damage that can lead to cancer, you should consume fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, C, E and the mineral Selenium.

- Nuts
In addition to eating fruits and vegetables companions can also consume legumes such as soybeans.

- Cooking Meat Too Ripe
Preferably in cooking meat well cooked or baked goods should not be too long or too mature, as if cooked too long will produce carcinogenic compounds (heterocyclic interest), so the longer the meat cooks more also compounds in meat that will be formed.

- Avoid Alcohol
Should avoid or do not consume alcohol, because if we often consume alcohol, the risk for breast cancer increases.

- Do not Smoke
In a pack of cigarettes is often written Avoid smoking because it can cause cancer. SO should avoid roko as early as possible to reduce the cancer patients in Indonesia.

- Provide regular milk
Provide regular milk for pregnant and breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer before menopause stepping.

- Regularly Sports
Sports are not only able to reduce levels of estrogen produced by the body to reduce the risk of breast cancer but also very good for the health of our bodies.

What about friends?? Not already know how to prevent breast cancer, you should follow the above ways so that we can get away from the name of breast cancer. Aminn .. and many-many foods that contain antioxidants and multiply sports. Insha allah we will be spared from many cancers are caused by lifestyle and diet. In addition to the above article if friends want to know how to deal with dry skin can mnegunjungi my article the other. Fixed and spirit and I shall see you

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