The development of an increasingly dynamic era makes people want fast-paced, including in matters of food. Sometimes instant noodles of choice, no wonder if many people who love and are addicted to eating instant noodles.

Besides it tastes good, instant noodles will also be bad for health. Seasoning is in instant noodles contain high levels of salt and preservatives, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) is high, so that the people who have hypertension, obesity and diabetes are encouraged to consume.

Reporting from detikhealth, Titi Sekarindah, MS, SpGK, Pertamina hospital nutrition expert says a lot of harm to the health of instant noodles, but there are ways to cultivate a healthy instant noodles.

Here are tips on what you can do.

Eating at least once a week
It is known to many people that are not good for your health if you eat instant noodles too often. Instant noodle consumption is fine but at least once a week. And that's if really want to eat it. Do not get used to eating instant noodles if you do not taste the other dishes and do not also make instant noodles as a staple food.

Do not use boiled water
Eating noodles with boiled water wearing very tasty indeed. However, this is not socialized because in the long run, those chemicals are very harmful to the beauty of the face and skin. The skin will become dry and cause the various symptoms of premature aging. It would be nice, if you eat using just boiled water in order to reduce the risk of negative effects.

Add vegetables
To remain healthy eating instant noodles. can add different kinds of vegetables. Add vegetables, such as tomatoes, mustard greens, bean sprouts, scallions, and other favorite vegetables. By adding the vegetables in it, at least you care about your health to stay healthy.

Do not use rice
Carbohydrate content was also present in the instant noodle. To eat them, do not add the rice again. Rice also has the carbs so if it takes the same time will have a negative impact on health. In addition to adding vegetables, can also add a variety of other foods that contain protein, such as eggs.

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