Calcium in milk is one of the best nutrients for bone health as calcium more easily absorbed by the body. For maximum results, milk should be consumed in the evening,during the night of osteoclasts or cells of bone destruction does not work.
At night we are also not a lot of activity so that optimal calcium absorption milk.

Bone is living tissue that grows when active so young and has the ability to improve the event of damage or broken. This repair process occurs on bone surfaces simultaneously. This particular bone cells called osteoclasts that mereabsorsi bones of old, then osteoblasts will replace it with a new one.

After menopause, still absorbing osteoclasts destroying bone mineral and collagen. However, osteoblasts become slow work due to lack of estrogen. That's why women in menopause prone to suffer from osteoporosis,vitamin D and calcium should be satisfied since a young age because of bone density reaches its peak at the age of 30 years.

"Bone density decreased with age. At the age of 30 years the rate of bone destruction is greater than the rate of bone loss,"

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