What is prominensa? Prominensa is explosive event accompanied by flame emission. Flames emitted is called protuberans. Thus, it can be said as an explosion prominensa sun accompanied by the emission protuberans. The explosion occurred around the sun spots. Protubelans emitted in all directions. The jet can reach a height of 230 000 km so that it can penetrate into the chromosphere and corona layer. As a result, a lot of gas in the layer of ionized hydrogen into protons and electrons (charged particles). Charged particles are emitted at very high speeds. Some of them get into Earth's atmosphere.

Before entering the Earth's atmosphere, the charged particles are deflected towards the north pole and the south pole by the Earth's magnetic field. Furthermore, the particles are reflected repeatedly between the two poles. Along with repeated reflection, the particles velocity is decreasing. After reaching a certain speed, the particles enter the Earth's atmosphere. This causes part of the atmosphere where the particles fall incandescent and emits a very bright light. That light called aurora. Because it occurs in the polar aurora is often called the northern lights.

Another consequence is the disruption of the prominensa radio and television broadcasts. Waves emitted or received a television and radio is radio waves. To get to a radio or television radio waves undergo a process of reflection. Reflection of radio waves by a layer of the atmosphere, the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that contains ions and free electrons. This layer will be disrupted if there are charged particles pass through the other. That's why broadcast radio or television will be disrupted if the charged particles from the sun prominensa results fall into the Earth's atmosphere.

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