Texas.If you buff Harry Potter novels and movies, you might already be familiar with the cloak that could make Harry Potter "disappeared". Now, the cloak is not just a fantasy. A team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin created the robe.

Andrea Lu creation cloak could make objects invisible despite only being able to be applied in light of microwaves.
The invisibility cloak is made from a new material called metascreen. The material is made from 66 micrometers thick copper tape attached to the flexible polycarbonate membrane 100 micrometers thick. Both are combined in a diagonal pattern like fishing nets.

Previously, this kind of cloak created with the technique of "bulk metamaterial", to bend light around an object so it does not bounce.

Cloak created Alu and colleagues used a different technique, called mantle cloaking. This technique will remove the light waves that bounce off the object to be protected so that light waves can not reach the observer's eyes.

"When the scattered light field propagators cloak and the object disturbed, they will wipe each other with each other and the effect is transparency and invisibility from all angles of observations," Alu said in a statement quoted by LiveScience, Monday (25/03/2013).

To prove the ability of the cloak, Alu tested in the laboratory with several objects.

In this trial, the Alu and the team managed to "lose" a 18-cm rods silidris observers in the light of the views of microwaves. Researchers say that this technology can also hide objects that are not symmetrical and odd shaped.

According to researchers, this technology can be applied in the visible. However, perhaps at first only be able to "eliminate" the objects that are very small.

"In fact, metascreen easier to be realized at a frequency of visible than bulk metamaterial, and this makes us closer to being able to realize the practical benefits," said Alu.

The size of objects that can be disguised comparable to the wavelength of light as its implementation. Therefore, when applied to optical frequencies, this robe may only efficient way to stop the emission of light in micrometer-sized objects.

"The advantage of the cloaking mantle than previously developed technique is alignment, ease of manufacture, and the development of bandwidth," said Alu.

Alu said, the benefits of this invention not only to please the fans of Harry Potter and the person who aspires to be a spy. This technology can be used for non-invasive sensing and biomedical equipment.

Alu and his team's findings have been published in New Journal of Physics for the edition dated March 26, 2013.

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