Google Now an exclusive application that previously only existed in Android Jelly Bean with similar capabilities in iOS rumored Siri will be available soon on the iPhone & iPad.

This conclusion can be drawn after engadget find promo video on Youtube (video has been withdrawn) that shows the features and capabilities of Google Now on iPhone & iPad. The video has a voice narration with video promo which it demoed earlier android application integration with Google search in the iOS Now.

Perhaps this decision was somewhat odd, for providing superior application that only exists on Android to its biggest competitor sounds very odd. But look in the mirror of the past, I was never hesitate to give an application with features similar to or better than the Android version (eg Google Maps) to iOS.

The reason is because Google never take profit directly from Android. And Google is actually an advertising company, so that the priority is to get the data and information from the user as much as possible in order to deliver relevant ads that do not care whether the origin of the Android, iOS or other OS.

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