Almost everyone who is often associated with the world of computers recognize ZIP files with the extension. ZIP file is a step taken to compress the data, make the file size smaller than normal. Of course, without prejudice to the functions of the file itself.
Google is now also trying to create a competitor named Zopfli ZIP. Company search engine giant also said that Zopfli has better ability than the ZIP algorithm using a technique called DEFLATE.

Google claims some improved features of the Zopfli these include faster data transmission, reduce web page load latency and reduce battery usage on mobile devices.

In a test conducted by Google, the results of data compression Zopfli also has a file size 3.7 to 8.3 percent smaller than ZIP. Unfortunately, in these tests Zopfli takes 81 times longer than gzip. But it is different if Meng-compressed data, where Zopfli takes less time.

From the results of these tests, I had to conclude that Zopfli have static content compression capabilities better. Moreover, the smaller the file size, can make site owners save more files.

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