Nature is God's immeasurable grace to the District Pakpak Bharat. With a tropical climate over 87% contour area is forest and hilly ground, and is located at an altitude of 250 s / d 1,400 meters above sea level able to maintain a stable temperature in the range of 18 ° C-28 ° C. Besides being very effective for certain commodity crops and is the flagship Bharat Pakpak district, offers the charm of natural beauty unparalleled

Tourist attractions Une Lae Waterfall has a height of approximately 10 meters with depths up to 15 meters and a breadth of nearly 160 cubic meters. The waterfall is within 5 kilometers from the capital Pakpak Bharat, 20 kilometers from Sindikalang and 5 kilometers from the city field.

As informed, Une Lae Waterfall surrounded by lush trees and lush thus making the air around the cooler and fresher. You can also enjoy a swim in the places that have been determined, ie places that are not too deep.

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