Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat (Khmer: អង្គរវត្ត), is a shrine or temple is located in the city of Angkor, Cambodia, and is regarded as one of the wonders of the world. It was built by King Suryavarman II in the mid-12th century. Angkor Wat temple construction took 30 years. Angkor Wat Angkor is located in the plains were also filled with beautiful temple building, but Angkor Wat is the most famous temples in the Angkor plain. King Suryavarman II ordered the construction of Angkor Wat according to Hindu belief that putting the mountain Meru as the center of the world and is home to Hindu deities, with a central tower that is the tallest tower of Angkor Wat and is the main tower building complex of Angkor Wat.

Karnak Temple Complex - usually called Karnak-covered ruins of temples, columns and other buildings, notably the Great Temple of Amen and a large building that was built by Pharaoh Ramesses II (~ 1391-1351 BC), located near Luxor, some 500 km south of Cairo, Egypt.
In 323 AD, Constantine the Great recognized Christianity in the year 356 and ordered the closure of all pagan temples. Karnak by then almost completely abandoned, and Christian churches set up near the ruins.

Borobudur is the name of a Buddhist temple located in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Location of the temple is approximately 100 km southwest of Semarang, 86 miles to the west of Surakarta, and 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta. Shaped stupa temple was founded by the Mahayana Buddhists around the year 800's AD during the reign of Sailendra dynasty. This monument comprises six square terraces on which there are three circular courtyard, the walls are decorated with 2672 relief panels and 504 statues originally contained the largest primary Buddha.Stupa teletak once crowned in the middle of this building, surrounded by three rows of 72 circular perforated stupa in which there are statues of buddha sitting cross-legged in the lotus position perfectly with mudra (hand gesture) Dharmachakra mudra (turning the wheel of dharma)

Akshardham Temple
Akshardham is a Hindu temple complex in Delhi, India. This temple is also referred to as Delhi Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham, the complex here featuring traditional Indian, Hindu culture, spirituality, and architecture. The building was inspired and moderated by Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the spiritual leader of Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Bochasanwasi Sanstha, there were 3,000 volunteers who helped build and craftsmen Akshardham 7000.

Sri Ranganathaswamy
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple or Tiruvarangam is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ranganatha, reclining form of Hindu god, Vishnu located in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Built with the Dravidian style of architecture, [1] this temple is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, early medieval Tamil literature canon of the Alvar saints century 6 and 9 are calculated as the first and foremost among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Wisnu.Ini is one the most famous Vaishnava temples in South India are rich in legend and history. Its location, on an island on the river Cauvery, has made it vulnerable to natural disasters as well as the raging attacks of the army - Muslim and European -. Who repeatedly commandeered for military camp sites [2] The main entrance, known as the Rajagopuram (royal temple tower), up from the base area of about 13 cents (about 5720 sq ft) and up to 237 feet (72 m), moving levels rose in eleven smaller. The annual 21-day festival conducted during the Tamil month of Margazhi (December-January) attracts 1 million visitors. Srirangam temple is often listed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world, Angkor Wat is still more likely to become the largest existing temple. [3] [4] The temple occupies an area of ​​156 acres (631,000 m²) with a perimeter of 4116 m (10 710 feet) so that the largest temple in India [5] and one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

The Jetavanaramaya is a stupa, located in the ruins of Jetavana monastery in the sacred world heritage city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Mahasena king (273-301 AD) initiated the construction of the stupa following the destruction of Mahavihara. My son completed construction Maghavanna stupa.Sebuah part of the belt or belt tied by the Buddha is believed to be relics are enshrined here.

Structure is important in the history of the island for it is the tension in the Theravada and Mahayana sect of monks, it is also significant in the history of the world as one of the world's tallest structure kuno.Ketinggian stupa is 400 feet (122 m) and is the world's tallest ancient stupa, the structure no longer paramount, but it is the largest with a volume of 233,000 m2 (2,508,000 sq ft). At completion of the structure is the third tallest structure in the world behind the Great Pyramid Giza.Sekitar 93.3 million baked bricks used in construction. Engineering ingenuity behind the construction of the structure is a significant development in the history of the island. Sectarian differences between Buddhist monks are also represented by the stupa being built in place of the destroyed Mahavihara, which led to a revolt by the king's ministers Mahasena.

Tikal (Temple IV)
Tikal Temple IV is a Mesoamerican pyramid in the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala are modern. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world's most productive and Maya. The pyramid was built around 741 AD. Temple IV is located on the western edge of the core situs.Dua causeways met. Temple, Causeway Tozzer runs east to the Plaza, while Maudslay Causeway runs northeast to the North Zone Temple IV is the highest structure of the pre-Columbian New World still standing, although the Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan once possible. have more tinggi.Piramida was built to mark the 27th dynasty reign of Tikal, Yik'in Chan K'awiil, although it may have been built after his death as a funeral temple nya.Arkeolog believe. That Yik'in Chan K 'awiil tomb lies undiscovered somewhere below the summit candi.The temple facing east to the core site, with Temple III visible directly in front of the temple and the temple I and II beyond that.

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