Did you know if you jump three times followed by playing hula hoop after sex to prevent pregnancy? It all turned out to be a lie. Do not believe the myth that sex like crazy and others as quoted by Cosmopolitan this.
Sex in the water to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
Do not believe the myths about this one. Sexually transmitted diseases can be contagious to keep you even have sex in the water though.

Skipping can prevent pregnancy
With the jump, some people believe sperm finally broke down and failed to fertilize the egg. So the other way is more effective at preventing pregnancy as the pill.

Reaching orgasm definitely pregnant
Not true at all. Sex is sex. Although women reach orgasm, if there is no sperm to fertilize the egg, there would be no pregnancy.

Male and female sexual arousal
Next crazy myth is the belief that the ultimate male sexual arousal felt when he was 18 years, while women 28 years. Could be true, could not. Because not everyone has the same indication.

Sex toys reduces sexual satisfaction
Not really, because many couples actually use sex toys help to improve the quality of sexual life. But not everyone felt the same.

More intense female orgasm
Women are able to achieve multiorgasme more often than men. But it should not have sex with orgasm satisfaction between women and men compared.

That's the crazy myths about sex. Do not trust first before finding out the truth.
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