Bengkulu Governor Najamdin Agusrin M on Friday, revealed the results of research scientists concluded that deep within the earth there was a province of Bengkulu contained uranium, nuclear energy sources, but has not been properly excavated.

"We still continue to develop research, early issue was used as a reference when there is a potential can be used for the welfare of the community," he said in Bengkulu, on Friday.

Although it did not specify the location and existence of the uranium potential, but the governor said that uraniuam always close to the presence of gold.

Bengkulu itself has been known as a producer of gold, with the most famous mining sites in Lebong and a small portion of North Bengkulu.

From there, Agusrin trying to draw the conclusion that while the uranium content is also expected to be in two areas.

Uranium is a chemical element in the periodic table has the symbol U and atomic number 92.

Uraniam including heavy metals, toxic, silvery white and is a naturally occurring radioactive elements including actinide series (actinide series).

Isotope, 235U, is used as nuclear reactor fuel and nuclear weapons.

Agusrin said, if indeed the potential is there, one of which can be utilized to be a source of power generation.

But to take it is expensive, especially in the exploration stage of knowing the content and have no scalable Uranium third party role for further research.

Because if not treated properly will backfire and harm human life, especially if used for the benefit of the irresponsible.

However, if treated properly and perfectly able to support the well-being of human life.

"In the past there was never any leaks uranium processing in the Soviet Union, so that the radiation can cause harm even to the death to humans and living things around it," he said.

Uranium radiation produced, the governor said, is not only useful source of energy such as electricity and weapons, but also other sectors, such as genetic engineering in the areas of health, livestock and agriculture.

Authority over matters of strategic goods such as uranium are in the hands of the central government, local governments have no authority to process energy.

"Far more important uranium Indonesia fenced and used so as not to damage dicolong world peace. Moreover, Indonesia is a signatory to the international consensus uranium for peace, "said Agusrin