Light is the energy source for photosynthesis. High light intensity will make photosynthetic activity to be effective.

- Growth Phase
While still sprout, plant photosynthesis more diligent than it already is great because of the growing need lots of energy to grow bigger.

- Pigments light absorption
Chlorophyll is a pigment light absorption. To make chlorophyll, which required magnesium ions are absorbed from the soil

- Temperature / Temperature
Affect enzymes for photosynthesis. If the temperature rises 10'c, the enzyme increases 2xlipat. (but only at a certain temperature, if the temperature is too high, it can damage).

- Levels Results Photosynthesis (photosynthate)
If the content of the results constituted a little photosynthesis plants will be stimulated to perform photosynthesis more active than when levels of photosynthate that much.

- The availability of CO2 and water (H2O).
If a lack of water, the stomata close thus blocking the entry of CO2. The more carbon dioxide the photosynthesis process will become even better.

If these factors are not sufficient in number or absent, then the process of photosynthesis will be disrupted.

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