Artist Justin Bieber blame the media who proclaim him in rehab. He was also named in a statement that Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber load through an account statement Instagramnya, Thursday, March 14, 2013. However, Bieber finally delete comments that carries the name Lohan in her account it.

Bieber first post that he remove posts that blame the media is to compare it with LiLo. "For those who are comparing me with Lindsay Lohan. See his 2012 tax return (Lohan)," wrote Bieber. Lindsay Lohan is known to have a high enough tax arrears to the extent that actor Charlie Sheen helps the problem.

In addition, other comments that Bieber is clear, "I grew up every day to be me, while others only see and criticize each day. I think I did the right thing."

Furthermore, after removing all the comments, Bieber and wrote a sweet message to read. "All this is not easy. I get angry sometimes. I'm human. I will make mistakes. I grow and be better than them. But all the love from you guys fight all the negative things," he wrote.

Initial chirp Bieber after he blamed the media is having a tough time after the birthday party-19. At that time she partied in London, and then collapsed on stage during a concert, and he attacked the paparazzi. Of course all this becomes food media directly proclaim Bieber's bizarre behavior.

Bieber admitted tired of all the lies that made the media today. "Saying that I will undergo rehab and how disappointed my family with me. My family is very proud of," he wrote.

He added that if people believe that rehab issues, so they included a fool. According to Bieber, at the age of 19 years, it includes success with 5 albums to be number one and has been around the world. "I get more than I dreamed. I'm 19 years old and it will definitely be scary for some people who think that this is just a start. Batasanku and I know my abilities. I know who I am," he wrote.

However, Bieber said he did not care if people do not believe him. According to Bieber, he wrote it all with a smile on his face and love in her heart. He even mentions that he needs to rehab, then they will know the first time. "I'm a good person with a big heart. And do not think that I deserve all this negative news. I worked hard to get here and it's not going to stop," he wrote again.


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