Hornbill board or its scientific name Buceros bicornis is the largest species of bird in the tribe Bucerotidae. Adult birds are very large, with a length of 160cm. This bird has black feathers and yellow-black horns on the big yellow beak. Skin of his face black with fur collar khaki. Tail feathers are white with a thick black line in the middle. Board hollow horn hornbill bird and not solid. Female birds are smaller than males. Males and females can be distinguished easily from his eyes. Female birds eye is blue, while the red-eyed males.

Board hornbill populations scattered in tropical forests in India, China, Indochina, Nepal, Bhutan, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia. Hornbill bird feed Board consists of various fruits, small animals, birds, insects and reptiles. Hornbill monogamous, only pairs with a opposite sex.

Board hornbill nest in tree holes. At the time of laying eggs, female birds cooped up in a tree hole almost entirely covered with mud, until the young birds start big. At this time, females and young birds birds depend entirely on male birds to feed through a small gap is left open


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