The benefits of ginger are very numerous, especially properties that can cure various types of statement,. Ginger ginger itself is one that is quite popular to overseas, this is because the benefits of ginger is very much at all. By us because they find that many different kinds of drugs made ​​from the extracts of ginger.

Usually we know the benefits of ginger is just as body warmers beverage only. However, there are actually a lot of benefits of ginger mengkin we do not expect. Based penelitihan health experts, has discovered several health benefits of ginger for them.
Benefits of Ginger for Health
Prevent Stomach Distended
By consuming ginger before meals can prevent bloated stomach. This is because the ginger itself contains metabolismedan facilitate digestion. With the increase in metabolism, will accelerate the burning of calories and flatten belly.

Making the Body Being Strong
Containing compounds found in ginger inklamasi possess a very effective muscle building. Based on research, consuming ginger regularly helps reduce muscle pain caused by exercise kaena.

As an Acne Medication
One study conducted at the University of Maryland Midical Center, to help prevents acne is recommended to consume a maximum of 4 grams of ginger per day. Because if mangkonsumsi ginger at high doses able to cause side effects such as irritation, mules, and diarrhea.

Lose Weight
Ginger functioning blood vessels dilate to burn calories to heat the body. Besides ginger contains very little calories, so do not contribute to your weight gain. Steeping ginger is very good for your health and metabolism.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
As has been mentioned above, ginger has the ability to dilate blood vessels and stimulate the release of adrenal hormones. Therefore, the blood will flow faster and lower your blood pressure.

Cleaning Dirt In The Body
If we often consume ginger brewed way, usually we will sweat. Through the sweat that is released begagai kotoan evil that is in the body.

Prevent Blood Clotting
In compounds contained in ginger called gingerol. This is one of the gingerol compounds mempu prevent blood clots because it will turn into an anticoagulant.

Ginger can also be processed into a variety of foods and beverages is the only selah read: benefits of ginger. That's a wide range of benefits of ginger is very useful for the body works infokan health tips. With a few facts about ginger on top mempu would increase the interest you take ginger?

Sometimes, family recipes, such as fresh ginger water, can miraculously cure several ailments. For years, every time the flu, colds and headaches, I would take fresh ginger (500 g). Fresh ginger is then sliced ​​and boiled in hot water for 20 minutes, then add brown sugar (100 grams), and then drink 4 to 5 times a day. Many people have used this recipe and recover from flu and colds. Warm ginger (fresh ginger boiled water) can treat a variety of ailments such as:

1. Thrush
Boil fresh ginger (800 g) and insert it into the bowl that is ready to use. Use boiling water to gargle warm ginger, 2-3 times a day. Six to nine kumuran will have great results.
2. Periodontitis
Gargle your mouth with warm ginger water in the morning and evening. If your throat feels sore or itchy, warm ginger can add salt and use it 2-3 times a day.
3. Tooth decay
Kumurlah mouth with warm ginger morning and evening. Drink ginger ale as a daily drink can help prevent and relieve the symptoms.
4. Migraine
Soak the hands in warm ginger water for 15 minutes. Such measures may help relieve the pain.
5. Drunk
Drink warm ginger water. When a person is drunk, ginger water will increase circulation to help remove ethanol from the body. Honey may be added to enhance the flavor.
6. Pimple
Wash your face with warm ginger water morning and evening. This condition will be able to alleviate or even eliminate acne within 60 days. This method can also be applied to remove dark spots and dry skin.
7. Dandruff
Rub raw ginger into the hair. Then rinse with warm ginger water. This method can also help prevent hair loss. In a number of stores in China, they have a special way to use warm water to wash your hair ginger. Many people have enjoyed this treatment with good results. Wash your hair with ginger ale is an ancient ancestral recipe.
8. Waist Pain and Backs
Add a little salt and vinegar to a warm ginger water. Soak a towel with water. Then rinse and paste it in a place that feels pain. Repeat a few times. This method can relax the muscles and help blood circulation, thereby reducing pain.
9. Foot Odor
Add salt and vinegar to a warm ginger water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. Then dry feet with towel and sprinkle talcum powder. Good luck!
10. High blood pressure
Soak feet in warm ginger water for 15 minutes. This method helps the blood circulation by way of reflexology to lower blood pressure.
11. Cold
Soak the foot up to the ankle in hot ginger water. Add salt and vinegar and add warm water continuously. Soak up the foot turn red, this method is also good for relieving headache and cough.

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