Having a fit and healthy body can actually be achieved in a simple way. Something like jogging for 20 minutes every day can have a major impact on health. Even if you've got other sports schedules or have felt having the ideal body shape, jog 20 minutes every day had nothing to lose.

Find out what are the benefits of jogging 20 minutes every day:

- Burn fat
The main way to get a six jointed belly shape is if you can lose body fat so the more visible forms of stomach.

Jogging is an aerobic sport, it means that when you do, your body will pump oxygen around the body to burn fat and convert it into energy. Jog 20 minutes every day will also help us generate a calorie deficit so fat quickly eliminated.

- Reduce fatigue
In 2008, researchers from the University of Georgia conducted a study and found that people who jog 20 minutes three times a day to increase energy levels up to 65 percent.

- Healthy heart
Jogging is often called cardiovascular exercise because it increases the heart rate and encourages the lungs to work with the highest capacity. Jogging will also strengthen all the muscles of the body. This exercise will also reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and even prevent diabetes.

- Make happy
Those who regularly jog 20 minutes every day is not only healthier, but also happier. Peningatan energy will also make you feel more confident. Routine exercise also triggers the brain releases hormones antistres.

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