Benefits of betel leaf has been known by many people as a medicinal plant that can cure various types of statement,. Asian people have used betel leaf usefulness long ago and it has been proven through various studies. Therefore, up to now a lot of betel leaves used various herbs for health.

Betel leaf is a herb that is widely used as a basic ingredient of various medicines. This is not out of the content of betel leaves which are very useful and can be menyembuhakan bronchitis, diarrhea, nosebleeds, and toothache.

Efficacy of Betel Leaf
Take 6 to 7 pieces of betel leaf and cut finely. Cook saun betel mixed with a little sugar in two cups of water. Allow to boil and the remaining one cup only. Then strain the cooking water and drink 3 times a day, each 3 tablespoons.

Take as many as 4-6 pieces of betel leaf, add 6 seed pepper powder and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mash until smooth and then rubbed the collision had to stomach the betel leaf and repeat until the diarrhea is really clogged

Other benefits of betel leaf is to help stop the bleeding. How to take a piece of fruit or a rolled betel leaves and betel leaf roll for menymbat nose bleeding.

If you are having problems toothache, you can try to mengobatinya.Cara betel leaf is to boil some betel leaves with 2 cups boiling water and wait until just terisisa 1 cup of water. Use water to rinse your teeth until the pain is gone.
Those are some of the benefits of betel leaf we can get.

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