In photography, the direction from which the light falls on the subject will greatly affect how the image looks. Direction of light determines the character of the light itself, and also to determine the dimensions of the impression that you want to inflict on the subject so that the overall shape of our photos. Direction of light, both natural (sunlight) or from artificial light sources (flash) can be divided into five, namely the front light, back light, top light and side light. Let us discuss one by one:
Front Light
Front light means that the light source is in front of the subject in the photo so that the light source is usually behind our cameras. Front light can come straight to the subject, as if we are facing the sun at sunrise on the beach. Front light can also be an angle, such as when we are facing the sun at 10 noon. With flash, you can make the front light right in front of your face or at an angle to the face. The majority of the photos produced by the light source in front of the subject.

Side Light
The light on the subject from the left or right. Side light gives the impression of a strong dimensional so widely used in architecture or landscape photos in the photo above. Lighting from the side will also strengthen the texture of a subject as you can see on the surface of the desert above. Even when photographing the face, acne is enhanced if we use the light side. Photo light side will usually good when worn black and white photograph.

Back Light
Back light happens when we take the subject with a light source coming from behind, in other words there is a light source in front of the camera but behind the subject. When we photograph a subject to the sun, such as photographing a friend facing east at 4 pm there will be a back light. With his back to the light source, we often produce a silhouette.

Light Up and Down Light
Light up or down we rarely use because of the lack of good produce, sample light top photo is when we are shooting at 12 noon. Photo facial is 12 noon will generate shadow eye bags that make us look ugly looking friend.

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