HDR done in software.

The camera can also help the camera will shoot 3x (normal, under & over) exposure.
Then the image files to 3 tsb done HDR technique (can be done in photoshop / camera).
Terms HDR, when cameras would shoot 3x, not in the camera changed angles, zoom, settings, etc..
Use a Tripod as a maid.

Choosing a DSLR camera, do not care about his ability HDR (HDR ga essentials within the camera)
Like buying a car, you focus on the car radio, you forgot tp attention on his engine.
HDR function on the camera is just a sweetener.
HDR done in the computer, with more satisfactory results.

focus motors "built-in body", you mean, auto-focus motors inside that body?
This of course is more expensive camera and focus motors "built-in body" is more important than the no "built-in body"

With "built-in body" lens you can use the old model (which is cheaper and quality) and can autofocus.
dr pd without the "built-in body" you have to buy lenses that new models (more expensive and the quality is the same with the old model).

The hell with HDR, important notice any kind of lens models which will compatible with your camera later.
Eg Nikon D3000 and D90.
D3000 (without motors "built-in body") would have to buy a new lens AF-S models (expensive)
D90 (motor built in body) could certainly use AF lenses (cheap) and AF-S (expensive).

Note: not all cheap AF lens and AF-S expensive. See the first class.

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