"People who pay attention to the good noble than others, does not focus on ugliness. People who are not qualified do the opposite. People who make mistakes and do not try to fix it, in fact he was doing the next error. "

"Love dwells only in the silence of the soul and not the body kemarung whispered. As with wine, love can stimulate us toward a more glorious form with gratitude the gifts which pinned the Scriptures. (Kahlil Gibran) "

"Love would never be willing to give his loyalty to the man who mengiringnya to design a shrouded altar ambition disloyalty. Love is no different to seduce a bird that gripped, but were never willing to hurt and be hurt. (Kahlil Gibran) "

"Hang azam and your spirit as high as the stars in the sky and lower your heart as low as pearls in the ocean"

"Wasting time is wasting life every day, working energetically and being useful is to build our own lives."

"The best time to be happy is now. The best place to be happy is here. And the best way to be happy is happy someone else. "

"What you think, determines what you do. And you do, determine what you produce. The size and quality of your mind, determine the size and quality of the results of your work. "

"Our job is not to succeed. Our job is to try, because in trying that we find and learn to build a chance to succeed "

"God loves all His creation soul, and the souls of all the beloved of God, you are a special soul. If not, why do you feel that we are talking about is just for you? Smile lovingly in the Lord. When was the last time you smiled and greeted Lord with love? When did you last address God with a voice soft and full of indulgence? If you missed a peaceful and beautiful life, please know that the Lord greet and smile misses peaceful and beautiful than you, his beloved soul. "

"The purpose of life is a provision that underlies all plans and our work, and the guards direction of travel."

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