Rote Islands, also called Roti Island, is an island in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Rote is the southernmost region of Indonesia. The island is famous for its uniqueness palm cultivation, nature coast, sasando music, and custom caps Ti'i Langga. Rote status as the district with the name Rote Ndao district by Law No. 9 2002.kita can get there from Kupang, capital of East Nusa Tenggara, this area can be reached by sea freight or aircraft. Traffic of goods and services generally rely on the ferry every day-Baa Kupang route about four hours. Other routes, such as Makassar and Surabaya, served by boats and motor boats from the harbor folk (Pelra), as Papela (East Rote), Oelaba (Rote Northwest), Batutua (Rote Southwest), and Ndao (Ndao island). Air line until now only once a week.


To visit the island of Rote, fly to Kupang on Timor Island. You will land at El Tari airport where next to the Seaport Tenau. When the time is already late then you'll want to stay in Kupang.

From Tenau, you will cross the ocean to Ba'a Rote Island. The journey will be taken for 2 hours by fast ferry or about 4.5 hours by regular ferry.

Arriving at the port Ba'a Rote, you can see the coast was clear and watery mangrove trees adorn the surroundings. There is also a dock with the atmosphere of white sand beach, shops and houses several houses with typical fence made of palm leaf midrib that has dried up.

The road up and down and winding hills leads you enjoy a wide expanse of the animals roam.

From Ba'a take the public transportation with a 2 hour drive to arrive in the village Nemberala.


Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
If you want to venture into the interior, it is wise if you use the services of a tour of the hotel or place to stay. Provide enough money because in this place where ATM is quite rare.

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