Take a trip overseas would require the preparation of a pretty mature, so as to avoid the various problems. Here are some tips to keep in mind that we are safe and comfortable journey, both before and during our trips abroad.

1. Calculate all expenses for flights, taxes, accommodation, transportation, food, admission attractions, communications, shopping and other costs. Prepare cash in local currency in accordance with the calculation and if possible back up in the form of American dollars, because it is easier to exchange into local currency.

2. Prepare a trip plan (itinerary), prioritize the places of interest or have never visited. Arrange the order of traveling well, including the type and route of transportation used.

3. Bring personal items that will be used during the trip, such as drugs, mobile phones, sunglasses, hats, books, purses and other gear in a small bag that is easy to carry.

4. Make a copy of your passport and carry a passport size photograph, because if you lose your passport will be easier to arrange a replacement document creation.

5. Give identity labels on the bags and luggage that will be taken, such as name, address and phone number to call. Do not forget to lock your luggage and supplement with additional locks. For certain countries, like the United States and Saudi Arabia require luggage lock security standards TSA (Transportation Security Administration). If not, it is better to use the logo TSA padlock for added confidence and security of our belongings.

6. Avoid carrying prohibited goods, including cigarettes or drink large amounts of certain drugs.

7. Observe restrictions on the country of destination, including ethics when riding a vehicle, line up at the station and other things that should be done.

8. Be careful when meeting strangers and offer something, politely refuse and immediately move away.

9. Make it a habit to lock your luggage before we left the room.

10. Bring a copy of your passport when traveling, original passport is stored in a hotel room safety box or in a safe place, except if required to complete certain transactions.

11. Avoid places that are deserted, except if going in groups.

12. Get used to come to the airport no later than two hours before the flight, so we were not pressed for time.

13. It is advisable to buy Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance) from a reputable trustworthy company and has branches in the targeted country. Note that travel insurance is rather different from traditional insurance, in addition to cover against the risk of accidents, illness / treatment and life, travel insurance also cover claims due to the inconvenience of traveling like loss of baggage and personal effects, delay / lost baggage, travel delays, flight cancellations and so on.

14. Do not forget to always maintain health by eating nutritious foods and beverages.

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