Kawah Ijen is located on top of Mount Ijen is a series of volcanoes in East Java such as Bromo, Semeru and Merapi. Mount Ijen is in the Kawah Ijen Travel and Tourism Park Reserve Ijen Sleek precisely in Banyuwangi district and sub ​​district Klobang Bondowoso.

Kawah Ijen crater is one of the most acid in the world. The degree of acidity of this crater has a very high acidity level that is close to zero so that it can dissolve human body even clothes quickly. In addition, the temperature of the crater reached 200 degrees Celsius adds amazed this enormous crater. Ijen Crater which has blue and golden green when exposed to sunlight.

Kawah Ijen form tosca green lake at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. Caldera crater walls as high as 300-500m, the extent of about 5466 acres. Uniquely situated in the center of the crater is the largest caldera on the island of Java. Size caldera about 20 km. Size of the crater itself is around 960 meters x 600 meters. The crater is located at depths greater than 300 meters below the caldera wall. The water was pretty calm crater and bluish green.

The view was so amazing in the morning. The water volume of the crater about 200 million cubic meters to 200 degrees Celsius heat radiating golden green sheen when the sun hit from behind Mount Merapi, twin sister of Mount Ijen. This is the view of the lovely double. Kawah Ijen sulfur mining is also the largest in East Java are still using the traditional way.
In the southeastern lake there solfatara field which is the crater lake wall and in the western part of the crater contained Dam which is upstream of the Kali Banyupait. Field solfatara Mount Kawah Ijen volcanic gas releases ever with a high concentration of sulfur gases and odors that sometimes sting. What is interesting is the sulfur miners used without the mask down to the bottom of the crater. A superb view as they perform their daily work challenging death to make ends meet.


You can reach the crater through the following two alternative routes.
First, the route of Banyuwangi toward Slippery within about 15 miles that can be bypassed by motorcycle or four for about 30 minutes. This route is more difficult to pass because of the road conditions. Commonly used by climbers to climb Mount Ijen route. The route taken from Banyuwangi then towards Sub slippery.

Of Slick towards Paltuding within approximately 18 km journey can be continued with a motor vehicle, especially a double axle type jeep for about 6 miles before reaching Paltuding past the hill called Erek-Erek the form S-shaped curves and simultaneously uphill journey takes approximately one hours, because the roads are often damaged by rain and skipped Brimstone trucks every day. From Patulding you a short walk through the trail and cliff caldera as far as 2 kilometers to the crater. Total mileage this route is 38 kilometers.

 Second, the route north of Situbondo into Sempol (Bondowoso) through Wonosari then proceed to Paltuding that can be achieved with two-wheel motor vehicles or four-wheel drive. This route is much easier to pass because the road conditions are good and relatively smooth. This route can be reached from Bondowoso, then headed Wonosari, then to Sempol and finally to Patulding. Distance Situbondo until Paltuding is 93 km and the road conditions up Paltuding arguably very good so it can be completed in about 2.5 hours. From Patulding you a short walk through the trail and cliff caldera as far as 2 kilometers to the crater. Route mileage is 70 miles with views of coffee trees and charming pine forest.

The route of Bondowoso with limited areas of coffee plantation, with three different gates. At each gate you are asked to sign the guest book and travel destinations. The scenery on this route is very good, with a green coffee plantations arabikanya regular Perhutani pine forest and nature reserve of virgin forest dense Ijen-Merapi. Brief visits a day to do, but staying overnight in a coffee plantation or Paltuding is the right choice. Available agro-tourism package to visit coffee plantations and processing unit coffee beans that you should consider.

You can go or Banyuwangi Bondowoso by public transportation from Surabaya. Distance from Surabaya to Banyuwangi Bondowoso and approximately 200 kilometers.

To go to the crater ijen, will travel through the beautiful forest. Along the way to the Kawah Ijen, sulfur mining workers visible in vehicles trucks heading to the crater ijen, a very challenging dantentunya draining.

On arrival at the Paltuding then this is the starting point toward the crater where you have to walk up about 1.5 hours. Paltuding is the location of the mountains with an altitude of about 1800 meters above sea level, so make sure you bring enough warm clothes.


     To reach the crater, hire an experienced local guide is the right choice other than to make sure you reach the destination and the time and a safe path.

     In addition to equipment for light trekking and drinking water supplies, do not forget to bring a wet handkerchief or nasal mask that is needed here because sometimes the wind is blowing the smoke to carry into the path of decline. Without the mask, in the vicinity of the mine and you will always be forced back to the crater.

     Air crater fairly quiet and bluish green. The scenery there looks so amazing for you to visit in the morning or departing from Paltuding about 4 am with a guide of course. For security reasons after the ascent of Paltuding closed at 14.00 because pekatnya smoke and possible wind direction leading to the route. Ideally climbing done the morning before the sulfur rose. If you climb on top at 10, is unlikely to see the crater as a whole. Smothering smoke for a while before finally driven wind and some craters revealed. So it happened again.

     If you intend to venture further afield, it can circumnavigate the caldera in this region but physically prepared and equipped trekking gear for the trip takes at 8 to 10 hours on foot.

     Obey the signs for your safety, especially not to go down into the crater rim because safety is your own responsibility.

     If you want to photograph the miners belereng around the crater or while climbing then do not turn the camera directly to the face. If want to take a close-up then it should be done from a distance with a telephoto lens. It does not hurt you provide a pack of cigarettes or candy for social media while mingling with the miners.
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