Banda Neira is a cluster of one of the beautiful islands in the sea banda, a somewhat hidden paradise islands in the country, located far north of the island of Ambon, Banda Neira seemed alienated from the life outside, at least the beauty of these islands has been known since antiquity initial entry into the Dutch colonial Indonesia spices resource related only found in this place, and until now the exotic nature of banda Neira has been known to the world because it has beautiful land of towering volcanoes to ocean diversity trumbukarang decorated with colorful fish decorate, it's not just banda Neira is a silent witness to important historical record of the journey the actors record the history of this nation.

Want to feel the thrill of a vacation in different natural and quite alienated? However the facilities of accommodation and lodging reasonably complete, come to Banda Neira all the beauty of natural scenery on offer would be very rare to find and have a charm for anyone who was in this beautiful island.

To achieve maritime Banda Neira has at least two ways, by air and sea, if the air line for the tourists from outside the region can use persawat with lion airlines from water, Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Air and transit dibandara Pattimura Ambon, and then to the islands banda Neira can use the flight routes of Ambon - banda Neira from airlines flying shorter routes such as the water and tri gana Tribuana water.

For sea route itself can depart from the harbor of Jakarta Jakarta and ships stop at the port of Banda Neira is Pelni of miles siguntan hill, miles and miles dobonsolo previous cermai will transit to other ports in the first part of eastern Indonesia and from Ambon itself there by renting a cruise fast boat from the harbor in the city of ambon.Island of Banda Neira is a target of the divers the world, the wealth of underwater biota is not less of a marine park in Indonesia such as Wakatobi, Takabonerate, Derawan or Raja Ampat, Banda marine park is a nature reserve that is protected by the Indonesian government mebentang measuring 25 km2 consisting of islands volcanic zone of the island of banda Neira and at least trumbukarang underwater riches that can be found in these islands nearly 2/3 of the world trumbukarang or there are more than 400 species of plants from 700 coral species in the world and the biota of the marine fauna who inhabit it consists of 500 species of fish, and fish species known as napoleon, who found in many perairian banda

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waowww beatiful island, i like traveling and i hope i can go to banda neira


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