Airports, for most people synonymous with the wait. Although the flight took place on time, there is about an hour for holders of tickets before entering the aircraft cabin and flight. Not to mention if the schedule was delayed, much longer you're in the waiting room bench.

There are at least eight things that often become preferred to pass the time at the airport. Travelounge magazine contains several tips that you can do while waiting. You can choose one of them when stuck in long waits.
1. Call
Communicating via phone be your first choice. The goal sorts. Could call home, you can indulge to joke with the kids or a spouse before a hectic schedule.

Can also be called to the business office so that no jobs are in limbo. Or contact the parents, who are often overlooked to be contacted by the daily grind.

2. Opening email
Can via your laptop or smartphone. Delete e-mails in the inbox list that are no longer needed. In a typical day, because of busy, it is often rare.

Therefore, use of free time to do things that are often overlooked. You can also answer a missed email or a new entry.

3. Read a book
The book became the object that should not be left behind when traveling. Bring a book that interests you most. In reading the exciting, flight delays up to two hours can feel no longer. Resentment and anger did not appear.

4. Watching a movie
When the laptop to be friends with you wherever, do not miss carrying discs favorite movies or the latest movies unwatched. Preoccupied with this show for 1-2 hours can help you through the long wait for a delayed flight schedule.

5. Reading a newspaper or magazine
In addition to books, you can pass the time by reading newspapers or magazines. Usually supplied in an airport lounge newspaper or magazine. You can choose one of them, or you bring a new magazine is being read to.

6. Airport facilities
In most airports there are a number of facilities, such as a chair for massage, television with multiple channels, wi-fi, to a computer with free internet service.

Well, it does not hurt you enjoy it. When we find that the airport does not have full facilities, at least just enjoy the show on television.

7. Dine
Flight delay could also mean lunch or dinner you will be late. Therefore, there is no harm in looking for fine dining at the airport. Especially if your stomach is not filled at home. Better to make a full stomach so the feeling does not get upset.

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