Menstruation or menstrual events is something that only experienced by women is bleeding from the genitals Tool. Menstruation is not a disease, and menstruation should be experienced by all women who are healthy and are of legal age (adult). Menstruation is an indication that it is ready to reproduce.

So because menstruation is a normal process and should be experienced by normal woman would certainly be a problem if a woman is not having periods, reasons for not having periods seseoarang there are various reasons, ranging because of health reasons or because of other conditions.

Actually, in terms of menstruation or menstrual launched there are many, ranging from antibiotic treatment (drugs sold in the market or pharmacy) there are also treatments using natural or traditional ways, and this time we will try to discuss treatment using natural means, or the term traditional medicine launched period, and the following are some herbs or plants that we can use to facilitate menstruation, namely:

1.Take a taste of white pomegranate leaves, then we boiled with 3 cups of water volume until the water boils and is reduced to    1 cup, let it cool and then drink the potion of water 3 times a day.
2.Prepare 3 hibiscus flower petals, wash thoroughly, then we grow or milled into powder, and then we add the 1 cup cooking        water and a little vinegar. Squeeze, strain take the water, drink the potion of water 3 times a day with a dose of half a glass.
3.Take lemon juice 3 tablespoons honey and then mixed with two cups of hot water. Stir so thoroughly blended. Then we drank    the potion of water 3 times a day with a dose of half a glass.
4.Take spinach leaves 1 handful of thorns, 6 fingers spinach stems, and roots seventh handheld. All our ingredients are ground    or crushed into powder, add two tablespoons of honey and two cups of lukewarm water. Squeeze and strain the water and        drink taken twice daily at a dose of one glass.
5.Prepare flower kamilen taste, then we boiled with water, then strain the water and drink the water take the potion.

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