Currently, many circulating fake honey. However, to understand the nature and content of honey, honey can be assessed where the "real" and "fake", as well as the quality of the honey is good or bad. Then how the characteristics of the original honey, and how to distinguish fake honey?

There are 3 kinds of honey are fairly non-genuine, namely:
1. TOTAL forgery, made by adding the volume of honey "original" with honey "false", eg mixing sugar / honey made relatively cheaper and then stirred.
2. Forgery QUALITY, usually done by changing the water content of honey that was high, then lowered by heating.
3. Forgery SURVIVE, the honey is claimed "original" when in fact 100% artificial, so it's not a nerasal honey from bees with original compositions.

In plain view is difficult to distinguish, quantitative testing is needed to ensure the authenticity of honey. Through the test quantity, honey can be estimated if the falsified or added something; honey sucrose levels rise, the enzyme levels rise / fall, ash content being up / down, electrical conductivity rises, the content of pollen in the sediments down, down mineral content, aroma and flavor changing , the content of HMF (Hydroxy metal Furfuraldehid) changes, protein levels dropped, the color bright, honey contains PbCl2, PbSO4, anions and cations.

HMF content of which is a breakdown product of glucose and fructose in honey maximum of 3 mg/100 g. Honey also has the acidity (pH) ranged from 3.4 to 4.5 are fixed, while the fake honey pH 2.4 to 3.3 or above 5. Activity of the enzyme diastase in honey quality ratio of at least 5 Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) of about 4.0. In the fake honey ratio from 0.05 to 0.1. Honey has a characteristic optical rotate to the left can be checked with a polarimeter.

In a simple, genuine and fake honey can be distinguished by looking at the physical characteristics honey as follows:

The first way, dripping honey on a piece of paper. Fake honey will be easily absorbed by the paper because of high water content.
The second, with a shake. Honey will form a gas or vapor when shaken.
The third way, mix it with egg chicken / duck. Honey stirred together the egg will form lumps and eggs taste like it had been turned into fried.
The fourth way, poured into a container of water. Honey will immediately fall to the bottom of the container, while the fake honey tends to be spread.

It is a simple way to distinguish genuine and fake honey. And here there is additional information about the characteristics of genuine and fake honey:

Honey circulating in Indonesia are generally produced from three types of bees; apis dorsata (forest bees), apis mellifera (bee superior) and apis Cerana (local bees) in the roof of the house. In terms of quality, forest honey (organic honey) black color better than honey in cultivation.

Unfortunately, the people of Indonesia are used to consume honey cultivation bright brown. As a result, forest honey honey is considered as false. Many people are curious to distinguish honey produced by bees foraging in the wild from a fake honey (sugar syrup, for example).

Allegedly, the circulation of fake honey is very high in Indonesia. The trial is genuine or fake honey through aroma, a swarm of ants, viscosity when dropped in the dust, yet so guarantees the authenticity of a product of honey.

In the laboratory, the content of glucose in honey is rather dominant pure sucrose content more visible and prominent on the fake honey. Honey contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Vitamins in honey form of thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), ascorbic acid (C), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and vitamin K. asamfolat

Honey contains enzymes whereas fake honey. Enzymes can not man-made, and can only be made honey bees. The most important enzymes in the honey; diatase, invertase, glucose oxidase, peroxidase and lipase. Diastase is an enzyme converting complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) so simple carbohydrates (mono-saccharides). Invertase is an enzyme breaker molecule of glucose and sucrose so fluktosa. Oxidase assume the role as a helper enzyme glucose oxidase so acidic peroxide. The enzyme peroxidase oxidation process of metabolism. All substances useful to the body's metabolic processes.

While the fake honey contains a mixture of glucose with sugar, fruit, flavor and dyes are very harmful to human health. The characteristics of honey should be colorful, jet black (derived from acacia flowers), reddish black, bright yellow, yellowish or whitish yellow (bee farming). When you get the color and consistency of honey with equal need to watch out because the original honey color is never the same.

The aroma can also be used as a medium to determine the original or fake a honey products. Honey had the aroma and distinctive smell like honey from flowers rambutan, longan or kapok. This is different from the fake honey scented at all.

Other testing, if the honey is poured over the plate by two Senduk then doused in water and shake it to the right to the left will form a honeycomb. If not spread even mixed with water, then categorized fake honey.

Consumers are also advised to try for themselves by making the body as a natural laboratory. How, fasting for 10 hours and then check the blood sugar. Tell A drink 2-3 tablespoons of honey. After 2 hours, check your blood sugar. Tell B if the honey is pure and natural, with a difference between B minor.

Patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) who experienced eating honey can feel pure honey and honey false. If after drinking the honey, so fresh and powerful body back (not the same as people with diabetes who had just drank sweet tea), it marks a new drink honey pure and natural. In the diabetic patient's body, honey converted into energy (without the help of insulin).

Unfortunately, today many fake honey until the honey-like ways can only be a consideration only. The tips is to buy honey in place already trusted. When forced to buy elsewhere, compare whether the price is not too much different from the kind of honey from other brands. If the price is very cheap, biased so honey is honey made.

Usefulness of honey has been proven to be good for the treatment, increase body strength and is used for beauty.

Original Honey Benefits in Blood

Blood clot and restore blood jetting correct.
Clean the lining of blood and blood to be clean.
Offset the fat content and make active heart.
Numb-numb pain and lessen high blood pressure.

Original Honey Benefits adds body strength

Quick restore, refresh and add zing body weight.
Maintain and enhance the body's resistance to disease.
Strengthening the heart
Adding strength to have sex is because honey contains boron minerals.

Original Honey as a Treatment Efficacy

Diabetic wounds will quickly heal with honey smeared
Drink 2 teaspoons of honey before bed will menghingakan insomnia disease
Drinking a rich honey propolis help cure cancer.
Original Honey has the ability to overcome the usual Lur Kidney disease. Etc.

Original Honey Benefits for Beauty.

Honey good to maintain softness and suppleness of skin.
Honey good to rejuvenate and brighten skin.
Use 1 teaspoon of honey for hair cream bath will make the hair fresh and shiny.
Honey is also proven to keep the body young.

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