Many students also complain to the sag value, it is not independent of the hard to find a good way to learn and efficient. Habits we learn will have a major impact on the success or failure of the outcome pembelajaran.Ada mediocre but successful in academic achievement, there was a vigorous and regular learning seriously. However, the first very rare, it is precisely the latter study habits effective. Here are 10 tips and tricks as a study guide in order to achieve effective performance.

1. Do not be forced to learn in one activity

For the residents learning istiqomah (routine) study, he akana spend time every day albeit briefly to repeat lessons, exercise or just read the subject matter of the lesson. This habit is very good, if done every day. It is better than learning one session before the exam, or semester. as the saying goes: "Little by little, long into the hills."

2. We want to learn to have a plan

The intention is to have a study plan schedules learning outside of school. Make a study schedule daily, weekly, hour after hour. Then try with the firm, and keep it all the schedules that you created. For those residents who do not study regularly, usually not as good as having a plan and a routine study.

3. Stay on a custom study plan

Having a study schedule that was nice, the most important of it is meneptai learning activities according to the time schedule set by the routine and habitual. For example, every night at 8:00 p.m. to 21:00 hrs. Well, if this routine, you will be more focused and enjoy the learning process as a part of your body clock as well eat and worship. The impact of all, psychologically be more calm, fresh and confident, and more productive.

4. Having a goal in each learning activity

Khsusu goal in each study session was meant to be as willing to learn are ready to resolve any problems, or want to understand something that is sought. Well, then, you try to set learning goals that you do it every day in particular on issues that have been prepared. It will help once the overall cap on the lessons taught in school.

5. Nay, put off learning

Most students (residents learn) nobody likes and dislikes in the subject. In effect, if you do not like the lessons learned will be easily put off, and prefer other activities.

Well, residents learned that successful, usually never put off learning session even though busy. If you do delay, then the problem will be stacked and is the cause of failure in learning. So, do not ever put off learning!

6. FIRST's most difficult lessons

Due to the difficult lesson takes concentration, effort and mental student, then heed and make a major concern. Well, if you start with a hard-hard, believe it or not, it will take you a student increases and so will be very effective for the survival of your learning.

7. Always repeat the notes before starting work on the task

Make sure you repeat or read first record held prior tasks. Therefore, make good notes during the lesson in class. As this will help to complete the work or tasks to be completed. So make sure you know exactly how it's main task correctly.

8. Do not let any distraction during learning

Things will calm it is necessary to find. Therefore, look for a safe place to learn of the disorder. Because, when you're distracted, then this will interfere with concentration and learning is really disturbing beljar you.

9. Follow effective group learning

Believe it or not, the study group effectively will bring many benefits. Like getting the help of friends, complete tasks quickly, accurately grasp the concept and be able to share knowledge with other friends. Remember the adage, "Two heads are better than one head? '. So, use this adage to learn. Then where the learning is not effective? those who lack of preparation and learning strategies.

10. Note the repeated each task, and any material last week

There is a good habit that successful students every weekend they are always repeating notes. Why is that? Because of the repeated notes every weekend, so one side of him more control of the lesson during the week, and will prepare any material that has not been mastered in the next week so you'll be more ready to accept new concepts in the lesson the following week.

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