Lung cancer beat breast cancer as the leading cause of death from cancer in European women. Data in the UK and Poland demonstrate this.

The research team looked all cancer cases in the European Union (27 countries in 2007) and also some individual countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. In 2013, around 82 640 European women died of lung cancer, while breast cancer causes 88,886 deaths of women.

The results also showed that although more and more people affected by cancer, the longer they age, but in general the number of cancer deaths less.

Although the number of cancer deaths decreased, but increased lung cancer deaths among women in the countries of the European Union.

Deaths from pancreatic cancer in both men and women also showed no reduction in numbers. Presumably this is because therapy is an effective treatment for this cancer is still small.

"It's alarming. This is the leading cause of cancer did not show a decrease in the future, despite the fewer people who smoke," said Prof.La Vecchia, a researcher from the University of Milan, Italy.

He said the number of deaths from lung cancer in women may be a woman who began smoking in the 1960's or 1970's. In recent years the death rate would be reduced because the current number of female smokers less.

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