HIV drug delivery quickly after being diagnosed HIV positive person was able to "functional cure".

A study of 14 people who commit early treatment therapies prove they can achieve a "cure". Although the treatment was stopped but did not find signs of increasing viral load again. Earlier also reported a toddler from the United States successfully "cured" thanks to early treatment.
However, most people infected with HIV do not realize they are infected until the virus has infiltrated into the body.

In a recent study, the 14 people with HIV treatment is initiated therapy within 10 weeks after infection. They are undergoing antiretroviral treatment for 3 years and then stopped.

Treatment makes the virus under control but still can not be removed from the location of hiding in the immune system.

Normally, when treatment is stopped the virus will attack again. But it does not occur in patients who were respondents. Some even manage to control the HIV level in a decade.

"Most individuals who undergo a similar therapy can not control the infection, but there are few who can afford," said Saez-Cirion Dr.Asier of the Institute Pasteur, Paris.

He explained that about 5-15 percent of patients who received drug therapy known to be infected as soon as possible functionally cured, which means they no longer need to receive medication.

"They still have HIV, it does not eliminate HIV therapy.'s Like a remission of the infection," said Saez-Cirion.

In a recent study published in the journal PLoS Pathogens, researchers analyze what's really happening in the patient's immune system. Early treatment is known to limit the number of HIV-formed. But experts are not sure why only some patients can recover functionally.

"There is a presumption if the treatment is given early and the virus has not spread to parts of her shelter, medical therapy may be successful," said Dr Andrew Freedman, an infectious disease expert from Cardiff University School of Medicine.

However, according to Freedman, is not yet known whether the virus could be controlled permanently or only temporarily until the virus re-emerged later, the experts do not know.

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