Do not rush to get angry if your spouse or migraine headaches reasonable to say no to sex. Research shows nearly 90 percent of women who seek treatment for headache was experiencing sexual dysfunction.

"Women who often suffer from severe headaches typically have impairments such as diminished sexual arousal or pain during intercourse," said researchers from the University of Pavia involving 100 female respondents.

Therefore, physicians who treat headache patients are encouraged to routinely ask patients about sexual disorders that may be felt.

Low sexual response with chronic pain was indeed interrelated. People who suffer from frequent headaches in general also experience mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, which in turn affect sexual drive and pleasure.

Not only that, drugs are often used to treat headaches and mood disorders are also often a decrease in sexual desire. Headaches can also induce perceived altercation with a partner that would make a passion out.

Unlike men, women are more in need of mood and atmosphere for lovemaking. Of sexual readiness to give assurance to enjoy sexual activity to achieve orgasm.

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