Insomnia is a sleep difficulty or trouble sleeping on a regular basis waktunya.Ini common among us who often slept late malam.Jam normal sleep time is usually 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the time setempat.Biasanya insomnia disease we are only able to sleep about 12:00 to 02:00 hours . Why does this happen? it happened because of the activity or the work we do is usually good disiang and night hari.Tentunya imsonia sleeplessness is a symptom that is very detrimental to our own health, of course.
Insomnia disease is actually very disturbing indeed health because the disease one would easily fit into tubuh.Beberapa symptoms of insomnia are less exposed to blood, pallor, weakness cheap, thin bodies and disease lainnya.Insomnia not neglected because if it is allowed to drag on would be bad for health.

How can I fix this insomnia? Here are some solutions that can help reduce insomnia are:

1.Organized very regular sleep
Sleep helps the body to do the rest in total.Karena body actually needs a break to restore energy that has us regularly pakai.Tidur it should be done slowly and pasti.Tidak no words could not get to sleep on a regular basis, because health is diperlukan.Dan usually when it's sick then health is everything. It is recognized for insomnia affected would be difficult to do business this is the key teratur.Karena sleep regularly and on waktunya.Keteraturan sleep means sleeping at night between the hours of 07:00 to 09:00 starting this malam.Kalau cultivated then surely it will berkurang.Melakukan sleep insomnia the terarut help the body stay fit again.

2.Olah raga Regular and Optimal Exercise is very help the body more active, this move makes all the muscles of the body and the nervous and circulatory systems move more smoothly berjalan.Sehingga circulation in terms more walking is done in manageable units lancar.Setelah it will automatically be reduced to the maximum insomnia.

3.Dont Working Too Heavy
heavy work done will experience disruption in sleep systems anda.Karena heavy thoughts create activities for undisturbed sleep of sleep, you become tough job done sehat.Biasanya categorized as forcing work to be completed, do the work to late nights, too much mind to pekerjaan.Ini certainly very big influence insomnia.
Therefore try to manage your time in order to work with the rest remain healthy lifestyle terjaga.Dan also maximized break in time so will not interfere with sleep insomnia you.And usually working too hard can make you sleep until late at night and this became the onset insomnia . therefore maximize your rest time in accordance with its time, the break begins regular sleep and regular activities.

4. Watching less TV
Watching TV Too Old to be one of the causes of insomnia, because watching TV can make the eyes feel tired, usually when we were watching TV then our eyes will not feel tired because of the fun of watching TV it was, especially if it favorite programs anda.Maka tired eyes and you are always forced to watch TV, this can lead to insomnia that occurs. Especially when watching TV late into the night to arrive at 12 am, the disease of insomnia that can happen from that subtract kita.Maka watch TV until late at night because of insomnia easily attack the ini.Untuk activity was watching TV set the time that the way of life remains always healthy.

Staying up late Staying up an activity 5.Jangan delay sleep at day.There are many reasons people stay busy chasing targets ranging from the task or job and staying out of watching bola.Tapi most often people do with staying up late is due to broadcast football that usually begins at -dawn hours at around 2:00 am to -03.00 pagi.Tentunya which is the cause of insomnia is sendiri.Untuk subtract it staying up, from staying up because it reduces kesehatan.Oleh Maximize live activity for health sehat.Karena exaggerate everything.

Treatment of insomnia depends on the cause and severity of insomnia.

Parents who experience sleep changes as we age, it usually does not require treatment, because these changes are normal.
Insomniacs should remain calm and relaxing few hours before bedtime, and create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom;-light and not noisy.
If the cause is emotional stress, given drugs to reduce stress. If the cause is depression, given anti-depressants.
If a sleep disorder associated with abnormal activity of patients and sufferers feel healthy, can be given medication to sleep for a while. Another alternative to treat insomnia without drugs are the therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

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