How to shrink belly fat - Many men and women complain with belly fat, is to get rid of abdominal fat more stubborn than other body parts. Sometimes even women lose confidence due to the consequences belly body look slim.

 In the case of shrink belly needs a strong intention and determination to keep trying because in practice it is not easy and takes time not fast. Here are some tips shrink belly fat in a natural and powerful

1. Consumption of food is a lot of fiber
Fiber is important for bowel affairs as to facilitate bowel movements. Do not let dirt should be removed still be in your stomach so your stomach looks bloated and huge.

2. Avoid contact with constipation
It said if the constipation defecate less than 3 times a week. Some medications can trigger constipation exposed as aspirin and birth control pills. To avoid this possibility multiply the consumption of more fiber to ease disposal kototran have in your stomach.

3. Drinking Water
Drinking plenty of water can help you to dilute the concentration of sodium in your body. Besides drinking plenty of water can also ensure more effective biliary function to remove impurities in the body.

4. Sport
Increase your body movement exercise such as jogging and other sports that make fluid in your stomach pushed out and into the blood which will be issued in the form of sweat.

5. Breakfast in the morning
According to research there is a full breakfast 1 hour after you wake up will keep your insulin levels and lower your cholesterol. Try to apply it every day and do not forget to measure the nutrients like carbohydrates and fiber is in your breakfast menu.

6. Reduce Stress
Make your body relaxed and your rest time ends meet. In adults a break around 7 hours. You should know that stress has a close relation with the increase in production of fat in the abdomen.

7. Reduce salt intake
Too much salt intake causes the stomach becomes distended because there is salt daam a high sodium content that can attract large amounts of water and cause water retention. As a result the stomach feel full and bloated.

8. Drinking coffee and green tea
The content of caffeine in coffee increases your metabolism by 10% and help burn calories in the body. Green tea not only help you cope with hair loss, but also helps reduce fat absorption and helps glucose circulation.

9. Eat less fried foods
Fried food may slow down the process of slowing down the digestion of food in the body that accumulate fat. Good fat is unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, soy oil, seeds, and avocados. Foods that contain unsaturated fats good to shrink belly fat.

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