In matters of sex, women often do not feel any of them will make him lose his passion. But in reality, the guy who's obsessed with sex can lose libido.

What can backfire when having sex? Here are six things you should not do, as described Glamour:

1. Preparing Too Long
Before having sex, sometimes women want to look beautiful and sexy. So no wonder they need time to get ready. But if you do the preparation that's too long, it could be a boomerang. Men may lose passion or even fall asleep if it's too long to wait.
2. Treating Female Couple As Friend
"When she asked her partner for a manicure and pedikir or forced to watch America's Next Top Model, it can be a disadvantage," says sex therapist Laura Berman Ph.D. "When a woman treats his female partner as a best friend, it can eliminate sexual interest in the relationship," he added. Perform activities related to women, together with your lady friend. Focus only on date night can increase sex drive.

3. Busy with Laptop or Smartphone
In this day and age, people can be very dependent on the gadget. So the object is too often brought down to the bed. When you start tinkering with gadgets busy and self-absorbed, the couple will certainly feel alienated. Sex desire can be lost if this happens.

4. Waiting for the Right Time
Delaying sex altogether unpopular man. Especially if the reason is because you're feeling bad hair day or wearing an old-fashioned underwear. "Sometimes women delay having sex just because it did not set right their moment," said Berman. "Because his legs have not been shaved or home in a state of disarray or feel too fat. Whatever the cause, waiting for the right time means you will never have sex. Forget the feeling of self-confidence and make love whenever got a chance," he advised.

5. Excessive Laughter
Men love it when you laugh at a joke he says. But if you spend it laughing during sex, that he could lose his passion. Men do not like when you laugh at his actions. Inserting humor during sex is okay, but it did when you and he are both doing something stupid.

6. Putting Personal Stuff
"The bed should only be a bed and make love," said Berman. If you put things too personal, like a doll or television, these objects can be a passion killer.

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