Has it occurred to you, that every woman in the world has about the same time in matters of sex desire? This was confirmed from a study reported by Women's Health magazine mengenani female libido.

Quoted by the Times of India, the study conducted of 1,000 adult women to know some facts and myths the truth either sex female libido. From a number of the results obtained, it turns out women for sex libido peaks arise on Saturday, at 11 pm.

Three of the four women in the UK blame exhausting working hours on weekdays (Monday-Friday) as the cause of a drop in libido. So on Saturday where they have started to relax, begin to feel the aura of seductive at night.

The study also found that Irish women are the most hard to please a woman for sex affairs. They are considered to have a lot of demands to their partners, despite accounting for most sex activity with a partner, three times a week.

The research results revealed by Women's Health magazine is quite contrary to the study by the London School of Economics. They claim women will have sex with her partner in the mood Thursday morning.

In general, almost all studies have found that women and men hormones reach high levels in the morning. This is because the energy level of a natural hormone cortisol, testosterone and estrogen rises to five times when I wake up. That's why quality sleep can improve sexual performance.

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