1. Missionary.
This position is the standard position of lovemaking. Lying in between the legs, so you lie on it and face to face. Although your body weight is concentrated on the elbow or hand, try to include Mr. P you straight up to him, so it is parallel with the wall of the vagina. Ask him to wrap her legs around your waist to change the shape of the vagina, which will change the sexual sensation for both of you. Tip: Highly recommended for those who are going to make love for the first time.

Cross Buttocks
2. Cross Buttocks.
In this position, girls will enjoy it immensely because it stimulates the side of her vaginal walls, something he did not normally feel. Place your diiri as in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, but still supports your heavy loads on the elbow pair girl. If a couple wants a girl eye contact, couples can slightly rotate the guy to use the missionary position. Tip: This position pamper your female partner.

Standing Wheelbarrow
3. Standing Wheelbarrow.
Put Mr. P from behind, but the lift up to the waist and let her legs flanking your waist. Aka you are in a position similar to race carts (wheelbarrow race). If his arms are tired, lay on the table or something furnishings were a bit high. Tip: Could you do when a bed is not available or when you want to do outside of the bedroom as the kitchen, garage, etc..

Knees to Chess
4. Knees To Chess.
'Get into' him like you would do in a standard missionary position, but not just spread her legs, lifting her legs and tempatkankan knee on his chest, then sangkutkan ankle over your shoulder. Pile load your weight on your hands. This will give you more chances to penetrate and stimulate malakukan the back wall of the vagina of your partner. Tip: This position is most fitting done after your partner has finished the Yoga class.

5. Man on Top, Facing Away.
Let her lie down with her ​​legs raised and slightly straddle, then lay yourself between her legs, with your head facing towards his feet. He will have full access to your bags, buttocks, and anus to add friction and pleasure. Stacks your weight on both your elbow, which will give effect to a light poke back. Tip: At night when you want a spanking (spanking).

6. Classic Rear Entry, kneeling.
This position is also called as 'Doggy Style'. Tempakan yourself so that your knees are directly behind her, and put Mr. P upright between his legs or leaning slightly forward also. It is great for penetration because it can touch the G-spot. Add some gestures like squeezing breasts from behind, membeleai hair-so it does not just have sex as intercourse about pets (doggy). Tips: suitable for those who want to 'hit' all the dots hot spot.

7. Rear Entry, Standing.
Standing behind her and hug her waist, try to keep her upper body parallel to the floor. Hold hip / groin in order to continue to support and enter from behind. The stand will encourage more robust and allows you to sort her clitoris for extra rangsangan.Tips: Suitable for fast sex show (quicky sex), especially for couples who are on the skirt.

_ 8. Spoon.
Often called 'The Classic Sunday Morning Sex postion'. Spoon position is very romantic, tender and would you and your partner closer emotionally. Use the spoon position while you are both are on one side, facing in the same direction. Ask her to roll her hips slightly, so that you can get in through the back. Tip: This position is used when fitting the He drowsiness / fatigue, but you're like fuck

9. Reverse Missionary.
Position of this is identical to the traditional missionary position, but a couple girls who are above you. Besides, she would open her legs so it will be closer to you. Now you are the passive partner, and he propped his weight on his elbows arms. This position gives you greater control ejaklasi and very precise, of course, if it is lighter than Anda.Tips: Provide a different sensation as it will let you pair a shy girl to take the initiative control.

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Useful poses that can help you have better sex. In addition, I advise the use of condoms.


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