Regarding the style / sex positions / sex, there may be a number of styles / sex positions are there to be used in the process of making love. However, choosing the right psosisi satisfactory and certainly not easy sometimes. Make love not just vent your sexual arousal to climax alone, but sex can also keep your body fresh and keep your mind and soul to remain always calm.

Here are 10 good style of lovemaking positions, healthy, and of course be able to satisfy you and your partner:


There is no sight more beautiful than the nude female body in front of the eyes of men. In the missionary position, put your legs on his shoulders. Cross your legs so that your vagina is open, but his muscles tighten, Mr. Happy it freely "explore" the whole part in the Miss Cheerful. Because this style adapted from tantric sex, you have to keep emotions. Do not occurred and to immediately rush to a climax. Enjoy every "touch" Mr. Happy, as well as expression of adhesion of view of your partner. He's also got a super exotic sights witnessed his dick in and out of your vagina.


This is a variation of the woman on top. You are in the lap. Both legs are equally aligned. Squeeze your body into the body. When sex session started, set each breath to the rhythm together. It is believed to calm each emotion respectively. Well, this is a bonus for you! Since you are on top, you are free to set the pattern is "up and down" as you want. You may also change the rhythm of powerful movement and breathing. The thing to remember is, though it looks full of emotion and passion, you have to keep your breathing constant and fixed him with his chest pressed respectively. Oh yes, this movement can train the muscles in your butt!

POSITION 3: SIDE straddle

According to tantric sex techniques, the balance in the make is number one. This position will improve balance. According to tantric sex, the sex must have discipline. That? Each had to control the position of partner. In sleep sideways, open one of your feet up resting on the side of the knee. The he in a straight line can be directly "attack" you. Matter of taste, it is definitely okay. Because of this position makes its way Mr. Happy to Miss Cheerful narrower. Well, herein lies the discipline. You have to hold a position that does not move when he "shook" you, by putting one hand under his head. While your partner embraces your shoulders to help balance position.


This time, with a similar position Legging It, ask him kneeling, not sitting in front of you. Let it lift your legs up to the extent of his chest. It makes your butt lifted up. Bonus for you: the he could while stimulating your toes with his tongue. Or let the other hand "play" with your clitoris. Allow it to do anything to explore every part of your body touched by it. But if you're not interested in tantric sex, let him enjoy being hit by your expression of pleasure.


The he sat on a chair while you sit on his lap. Put your legs on his shoulders relaxed. Keep your balance by holding on to the second leg of her. Bonus for him: though his hands can not touch your other sensitive parts, because they have to focus on the weight of your body, this position makes the pressure on the penis increases. Well, make it to your advantage! Because this position can accelerate the he reaches climax, ask her to lick your clitoris first. Equally satisfied, right?

POSITION 6: Topsy Turvy

Who says boring missionary position? Kreasikan your imagination by asking your partner to reverse his position so away from you. Indeed, intimacy is slightly reduced because there is no eye contact. However, do not hesitate to do so only because he turned you. Instead you get a nice view of a sexy ass that is moving in front of you. In addition, you also be able to help the movement "tools of warfare" as its penetration by putting your hand on her ass. As a result, the movement is made to try harder, and lets him do the tightening of the muscles of the arm and chest.


You lie down, and lift your butt until your legs parallel to the head. With this position, you can show off the "red cave" you on him. Let it first stimulating. When you've "finished", ask him to put Mr. Happy her doggy style position. Align your stomach with your lower legs until your feet are crossed to the head. Your stomach toned arms too strong!


You have a sexy butt? It's time to show off in the he! This position may have the potential to fail many times. But if he's a patient man, and not quickly give up, he will continue to try to "catch" you! Make sure you stand steady on a chair or bed steady. Lean on his chest and let it lift your buttocks. If he had trouble fitting Mr. Happy, open your legs wider. Upon successful entry, lean your head on his shoulder to be more relaxed. After that, let him who work hard! The movement to this position to train the muscles of your thigh, and arm him.


Tantric sex is not taboo sex analogy with animal style. In fact, according to tantric sex expert, mimic animal patterns can increase the excitement doubled. Although similar to doggy style, in this position your body is not leaning down, but pushed to the top. How can Mr. Happy to meet Miss Cheerful? Although your body is leaning over, but the hips and abdomen should remain driven down.


The essence of love is, you find peace of mind and soul, and body fitness. And everyone knows that hugging can realize it. Two bodies so one could give positive energy. If you are bored with the missionary position, do it standing up! Although the feet and hands grip her body, you'll want to lean on a wall or something that stands erect, so that penetration can be done freely, without fear of losing balance. But if the man in your arms is a very strong man, try to do without leaning. Great sensation! This position is suitable for a quickie.

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