Condoms staying digadang by the government as something that can reduce the risk and prevent the transmission of HIV through sexual intercourse. In addition, the use of condoms can also prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of venereal disease.

Seeing that condom use is so important, it is also important to realize the correct use of a condom to avoid the risk of unwanted sex. In order to remain effective use, then avoid the following errors:

1. Did not notice the damage to the condom

Despite being sexually aroused state, logic also needs to keep running. Check the state of condoms carefully. Damage, usually leak, the condoms it will make use of condoms ineffective. Condom breakage often occurs due to an error when opening the condom package.

2. Too late to use condoms

Often a new guy to use a condom during sexual intercourse has occurred. By doing this the transmission of the disease may have already happened. So make sure you use a condom before sex occurs.

3. Remove the condom early

While they have sex, do not always take off the condom. Condoms should be used earlier to make the event completely finished. If you too hastily take off the condom, you might as well have sex without a condom.

4. Using a condom is the same thing over

Sometimes there are men who used a condom more than once. Though this may increase the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Repeated use of condoms will reduce the effectiveness of condoms.

5. Failed to eliminate air in the condom

When using a condom, be sure to remove the air in the condom so that the sperm can be accommodated perfectly. If not then the condom can break during ejaculation.

6. One store condoms

Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place. One store will cause the condom broken condom and reduced effectiveness.

7. Choosing a condom with aroma or flavor

Using a condom that has a smell or taste may provide a different sensation. But there are some experts argue that condom use has added a certain sense of risk. Because most of these types of condoms contain sugar that can cause yeast infections. Although the vagina has the ability to defend itself from bacteria, but foreign chemicals can cause serious risks.

8. Did not check the expiration date

Condoms also have a limit expired, normally five years.

9. The upside of using condoms

Even wear on both sides with repeated usage. This is the same as not using a condom because you can transmit the disease even unwanted pregnancy.

10. One open a condom package

Do not open a condom with fingernails, teeth, and other sharp objects, as this can increase the likelihood of condom leak.

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