Did you know if you jump three times followed by playing hula hoop after sex to prevent pregnancy? It all turned out to be a lie. Do not believe the myth that sex like crazy and others as quoted by Cosmopolitan this.

Making love seems to be a therapy to treat headaches, especially headaches are intense and occur only in one part of the head or so-called migraine.

This was revealed almost a third of patients who often suffer from migraines. "There are some patients, approximately one in three patients who said his headache cured after sexual activity," said Stevan Evers, neurologists and headache specialists from the University of Munster Germany.

Caring for Organ Feminine Living in the tropical heat made us sweat often. Sweat makes our bodies moist, especially on reproductive and sexual organs were closed and folded. As a result, easy to breed bacteria and disrupted ecosystems in the vagina that cause odor and infection. For that we need to maintain the balance of the vaginal ecosystem. Vaginal ecosystem is a circle of life that exists in the vagina. This ecosystem is influenced by two main factors, namely estrogen and lactobacilli (good bacteria). If this balance is disrupted, the bacteria will die lactobacilli and pathogenic bacteria will grow so that the body will be susceptible to infection.

Actually, there are bacteria in the vagina, 95 percent are good bacteria and the remaining bacterial pathogen. To be balanced ecosystem, required level of acidity (pH balance) in the range of 3.8 to 4.2. With the level of acidity, lush lactobacilli and pathogenic bacteria will die.

Many factors cause vaginal ecosystem imbalance, such as oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, use of antibiotics, menstrual blood, semen, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching) and hormone disorders (puberty, menopause or pregnancy). Under normal circumstances the vagina has a characteristic odor. However, if there is an infection or abnormal vaginal discharge can cause odors that bother you, like a bad odor, stinging, and fishy caused by fungi, bacteria or other germs. If the infection in the vagina is left, can go up into the uterus.

Natural milk

To maintain the cleanliness and off bad bacteria in the vagina is available cleaning products female intimate areas. Of the many brands on the average have three basic ingredients.

First, derived from extracts of betel leaf (Piper betle L) is very effective as an antiseptic, eradicate the fungus Candida albicans and reduced the secretion of fluid in the vagina. According to research conducted by Amir Sharif from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, the use of betel leaf in the treatment of vaginal discharge, 90.0 percent of patients declared cured.

Unfortunately, if the cleaners made from betel leaf is used for a long time, all of the bacteria in the vagina those killed, including lactobacilli bacteria. So the balance of ecosystems to be disrupted.

Second, feminine cleansing products that contain ingredients Povidone lodine. This material is an anti-infective for the treatment of various fungal and bacterial. The side effects of products containing this ingredient is a contact dermatitis to severe allergic reactions.

Third, the product is a combination laktoserum and lactic acid. Laktoserum is derived from fermented milk and contains compounds lactate, lactose and nutrients necessary for vaginal ecosystem. While lactic acid serves to maintain the pH level in the vagina.

According to dr. Junita Indarti, SpOG, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology disease RSCM, milk contains active substances that can be extracted into lactic acid and laktoserum, and is clinically proven to reduce the complaints of itching, burning and vaginal discharge.

\ "As many as 70 percent of patients who came for treatment, complaining only about whiteness. Having patients treated by administering a solution of lactic acid and laktoserum twice a day for two weeks, the healing rate of 80 percent, only 5.4 percent experienced side effects such as skin rashes \ "he explained.

The combination of lactic acid and laktoserum as cleaning the female organs are natural because they do not kill bacteria but increase the growth of lactobacilli. One woman cleaning products containing this ingredient are Lactacyd, which currently can be purchased at the drug store outlets.

Before deciding to choose a product, according to Junita there are some things you need to consider, among other grievances felt anything at the moment and as much as possible to choose the product that it contains substances that are good. \ "For the long-term use should choose a product that can keep your natural vaginal ecosystem. Products containing bacteria killer should only be used for short term or when there are issues, \" added Junita.

Virulence hygiene, including cleanliness sexual organs or reproduction, is the beginning of efforts to maintain our health. If awake balanced vaginal ecosystem, we will automatically feel more clean and fresh and certainly more comfortable doing everyday activities.

ORGASM be an important point to be achieved during sex couples. But unfortunately, the focus is often constrained due to several things. If you belong to one that difficulty reaching orgasm, the following could be a reference.

Compared to men, female sexual arousal may be slower achieved. Not surprisingly, he often had difficulty herding sex partner achieve satisfaction. In fact, to meet these needs is not really difficult. You simply provide enough stimulation during foreplay lasts. Mensfitness give the trick.

Extend foreplay

Make all erotic zone, especially the neck, nipples, thighs, lips, tongue, and fingertips to be explored. Give a touch of the marathon at that point in slow motion. "Let him lead you to explore the point where desired. When she wants it, hold for a moment to grant it. Let you linger in this session. Having sex before mounting excitement would deprive women reach orgasm.

Perform penetration slowly

When starting aroused, do penetration slowly and only partially insert penis in Miss V. After that stop a few seconds. Do not make full penetration for three to five minutes. This method makes it not stand to ask you soon.

Let her stimulate her clitoris

Take his hand and guide the direction of her clitoris. Clitoral stimulation during sex to significantly improve the chances of a woman to achieve orgasm.

Time for full penetration

After stimulation started up and looked not stand your partner, do get full penetration. Gradually, do penetration by increasing the speed and depth. When the he began to approach orgasm, try to give a little excitement in her anus where it will increase the intensity of orgasm more leverage.
In matters of sex, women often do not feel any of them will make him lose his passion. But in reality, the guy who's obsessed with sex can lose libido.

What can backfire when having sex? Here are six things you should not do, as described Glamour:

1. Preparing Too Long
Before having sex, sometimes women want to look beautiful and sexy. So no wonder they need time to get ready. But if you do the preparation that's too long, it could be a boomerang. Men may lose passion or even fall asleep if it's too long to wait.
2. Treating Female Couple As Friend
"When she asked her partner for a manicure and pedikir or forced to watch America's Next Top Model, it can be a disadvantage," says sex therapist Laura Berman Ph.D. "When a woman treats his female partner as a best friend, it can eliminate sexual interest in the relationship," he added. Perform activities related to women, together with your lady friend. Focus only on date night can increase sex drive.

3. Busy with Laptop or Smartphone
In this day and age, people can be very dependent on the gadget. So the object is too often brought down to the bed. When you start tinkering with gadgets busy and self-absorbed, the couple will certainly feel alienated. Sex desire can be lost if this happens.

4. Waiting for the Right Time
Delaying sex altogether unpopular man. Especially if the reason is because you're feeling bad hair day or wearing an old-fashioned underwear. "Sometimes women delay having sex just because it did not set right their moment," said Berman. "Because his legs have not been shaved or home in a state of disarray or feel too fat. Whatever the cause, waiting for the right time means you will never have sex. Forget the feeling of self-confidence and make love whenever got a chance," he advised.

5. Excessive Laughter
Men love it when you laugh at a joke he says. But if you spend it laughing during sex, that he could lose his passion. Men do not like when you laugh at his actions. Inserting humor during sex is okay, but it did when you and he are both doing something stupid.

6. Putting Personal Stuff
"The bed should only be a bed and make love," said Berman. If you put things too personal, like a doll or television, these objects can be a passion killer.
1. Missionary.
This position is the standard position of lovemaking. Lying in between the legs, so you lie on it and face to face. Although your body weight is concentrated on the elbow or hand, try to include Mr. P you straight up to him, so it is parallel with the wall of the vagina. Ask him to wrap her legs around your waist to change the shape of the vagina, which will change the sexual sensation for both of you. Tip: Highly recommended for those who are going to make love for the first time.

Cross Buttocks
2. Cross Buttocks.
In this position, girls will enjoy it immensely because it stimulates the side of her vaginal walls, something he did not normally feel. Place your diiri as in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, but still supports your heavy loads on the elbow pair girl. If a couple wants a girl eye contact, couples can slightly rotate the guy to use the missionary position. Tip: This position pamper your female partner.

Has it occurred to you, that every woman in the world has about the same time in matters of sex desire? This was confirmed from a study reported by Women's Health magazine mengenani female libido.

Quoted by the Times of India, the study conducted of 1,000 adult women to know some facts and myths the truth either sex female libido. From a number of the results obtained, it turns out women for sex libido peaks arise on Saturday, at 11 pm.

Three of the four women in the UK blame exhausting working hours on weekdays (Monday-Friday) as the cause of a drop in libido. So on Saturday where they have started to relax, begin to feel the aura of seductive at night.

The study also found that Irish women are the most hard to please a woman for sex affairs. They are considered to have a lot of demands to their partners, despite accounting for most sex activity with a partner, three times a week.

The research results revealed by Women's Health magazine is quite contrary to the study by the London School of Economics. They claim women will have sex with her partner in the mood Thursday morning.

In general, almost all studies have found that women and men hormones reach high levels in the morning. This is because the energy level of a natural hormone cortisol, testosterone and estrogen rises to five times when I wake up. That's why quality sleep can improve sexual performance.