Today the world is being led to the nanotechnology revolution in which up to 2020 will be remarkable acceleration occurs in the application of nanotechnology in the industrialized world.

It is common knowledge that the developed countries of the world, such as USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and European countries, as well as some Asian countries, such as Singapore, China, and Korea amid Actively develop a new branch of the popular technology called Nanotechnology.

As the name implies, nanotechnology is a technology on the scale of nanometers, or billionths of a meter. With nanotechnology, Indonesia's natural resource wealth can be given added value in order to win the global competition. By creating substance to measuring one-billionth of a meter (nanometers), the nature and function of these substances can be changed as desired.
Nanotechnology, technology-based nano-sized materials management or one-billionth of a meter, is a leap in technology to transform the material world become much more valuable than ever.
While the nanomaterial is a major cornerstone in the development chain of nanotechnology products. Not to mention the micro-electronics technology based on silicon (1 micrometer = 0.001 millimeter) that dominate all aspects of human life can be controlled, the world has entered a new era called nanotechnology. It is an engineering material in order nanocrystal (1 nanometer = 0.000001 millimeters)
Any material as long as can be made in the form of a nanocrystal will produce stunning nature and does not even exist in nature. It is estimated by 2010, industrial products to any scale will use nanotechnology material engineered. The rapid development will change the face of technology in general because nanotechnology penetrated all areas of science. the term "nano". The term comes from the word nanos (Greek) which means one billion.

So 1 nanometer (nm) is equal to 12 048 meters. Nanotechnology is a technology that involves atoms and molecules with a size smaller than 1,000 nanometers. That means the size can be up to 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Superkecil, supermungil. But that does not mean the benefits too small. This tiny it has tremendous potential in providing answers and solving complex problems in the world.

Something that can precisely micro-sized macro impact. From the standpoint of size up and down like that, nanotechnology is important in the world of engineering as mankind strives to integrate a function or work in the nano-scale size lebih.Teknologi able to make the drug in nanogram size.
- The drug directly to the target that was about to be treated.

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