Facebook sent invitations to the media to a launch event on April 4, 2013, at Facebook headquarters, California, United States. After the invitation spread, speculation about what the product will be launched by Facebook began to appear on that date.
There is no certainty as to what the product will be launched Facebook. However, one thing is certain, the announcement will have a close relationship with Android.

Referring to the sentence Come see our new home on Android (let's see our new home on Android) which is listed on the invitation, many predict Facebook will launch a cell phone (mobile phone) based on Android that has been modified in such a way by Facebook. Reportedly, Facebook is working with HTC for this product.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal said in a statement to a source, the word "new home" can be interpreted as Facebook's new application. According to the source, this new application allows content from a Facebook user's account to appear on the home screen of Android-based devices.

In the launch event, Facebook will show off the ability of this application using a smartphone made by HTC. However, Facebook is rumored to not have an exclusive contract with HTC to deliver the application.

That is, this application will not only be present in the HTC-made devices, but on Android devices of other manufacturers.

Facebook, which has more than 650 million mobile users, plans to bring this application on all Android devices. The rumored smartphone developers have to do some tweaks on the Android operating system so that the application can work in the home screen.

According to other sources, such tweaks will not violate the agreement between Google and smartphone developers because they do not interfere with the consistency of the Android user experience.

Another rumor that had evolved, Facebook said it will make its own version of Android. Operating system "Android Facebook" (or rumored to also as "Android Home") will have integration with Facebook services are more comprehensive.

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