United States plans to introduce and launch the spacecraft's new military. Spacecraft and secret military smaller and unmanned. Spacecraft is part of the future U.S. air forces.

AFP on Tuesday (12/11/2012), reported that the spacecraft X-37B weighs five tons and a length of 8.9 meters. Spacecraft can carry a variety of materials from space to Earth as the shuttle program that has been retired. This aircraft was designed to be longer in space, ie 270 days.

X-37B aircraft last return to Earth in June last year of a pilot in space for 469 days. United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between U.S. aviation giant Boeing and Lockheed Martin, have agreed to the presence of the X-37B at Cape Canaveral, Florida, after a successful trial results following a launch into space separated two months ago.

This confirms the joint venture parties, global satellite positioning system (GPS) was successfully placed in orbit as expected on 4 October.

Patrick Air Force bases reported to signal alert when the launch schedule between the hours of 10:45 to 17:15 local time on Tuesday. This was reportedly due to a fuel leak in one of the rooms of fuel forcing the plane investigation.

So far the U.S. authorities did not give more information about the shuttle program recently. Information from the U.S. Air Force said the launch of this "experimental test program to demonstrate the technology reliable, can be reused, a program of unmanned space test for the U.S. Air Force.

Aircraft-secret X-37B made the speculation in the media that the spacecraft is designed to destroy enemy satellites state.

In 2007, China became the first country after the U.S. and the former Soviet Union managed to shoot its own satellites. An experiment by the Washington regarded as the increasing power of China's ambitions in space.

Project X-37B launched the U.S. Space Agency, NASA in 1999 before it adopted the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is designed with a new technology for the U.S. military.

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