One type of power plant is a power generator. Electric generator is a device producing electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Electric generators exerts a force on the free electrons that electric current can flow to the outer circuit. To be able to generate electricity, power generators require external sources of mechanical energy that can be converted into electricity. A common source of mechanical energy used today comes from steam turbine engines, turbines of power (hydropower), or it could be from wind power turbines. Generally at this time, our electricity is the result of the electric generator.

Electric generator consists of a large dynamo works for power plants. Part of the power generator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. From the history of generator, electric generator was first discovered by Faraday in 1831, known as the Faraday disk generator .. Faraday stringing electrical generators made in the form of a coil of wire in a U-shaped iron The workings of the electric generator is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction, by rotating a coil in a magnetic field causing the induction energy.

Generator tool has two main components, namely: stationary part (Sator) and moving parts (rotor). The rotor will be related to the electrical generator shaft rotates at the center of the stator. Furthermore, the electrical generator shaft will be spinning by using external force, such as from a water turbine and a steam turbine. Based on the type of electrical current generated, electricity generators can be divided into two types, namely electricity generator Alternator (AC = alternating current) and power generator dynamo (DC = direct current).

AC electrical generator can be identified from the 2 pieces of the stator. Magnetic poles are opposite to each other face, between the two poles of the magnet's magnetic field is generated. Furthermore, in the magnetic field coils that are able to rotate on its axis. Because the rotation of the spindle is, cause the amount of magnetic force that goes into the coil will vary. Type of electrical current generated by the electric generator is alternating current AC - behind the wave-like shape; amplitude is determined by the magnetic field strength, the number of loops of wire, and a broad cross-section of the coil. Meanwhile, the wave frequency equal to the rotation frequency of the coil.

The next type of power generator is a DC electrical generator. How it works almost the same way as the AC power generator. The difference lies in the split ring found on this DC electric generator. Split ring or commutator located at the output. This section serves as a modifier commutator induced electrical currents that flow into the electrical circuit to an electrical current DC (unidirectional) although coil within it produces AC power (alternating).

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