Enchanting. That first impression when I saw the HTC Butterfly. Her whole screen is dark, with a rosy color cast on the back, presenting a promising elegance.

However, design is not just created to pamper the eyes, but also determine the comfort when using these smart mobile phone. She is the entrance to attract anyone.

Smart phone design is really slick. In addition to unsightly, HTC Butterfly has sides ergonomically friendly. There's no corners were jerking the surface of the hand.

Made of plastic material, the sides of the phone feels slippery, but still seductive eyes. On the left and right, there is a line of speakers that emit sound through Beats Audio technology, which is really jingle with a bass that feels right.

Breadth and width dimensions make this phone easy to grip and operate. The buttons on his phone was not different from that found in most other smart phones.

One thing that is different, Butterfly lock casing. As with any tablet, the battery can not be opened Butterfly. Everything blends in weight at only 140 grams, with a thickness of less than 1 centimeter.

Design is important. But a smartphone could be perfect if he's really smart. Smart is meant here is the ability to take orders from the wearer. For this one capability, the HTC Butterfly important is eligible.

With Qualcomm S4 processor 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, this phone quickly respond to commands quickly. In addition to not have to wait long, users need not worry about their cell phone jamming hangs and must be restarted. Phone interface with the Android 4.1 operating aka Jelly Bean is also perfect, almost without having to wait.

One advantage is the ability Butterfly camera, which has a resolution up to 8 megapixels. The speed in generating images, which reached a split second, it can be enjoyed as this smart phone provides various types of filters, whose numbers not lose much with that provided Instagram.

As for the video feature, the results of experiments performed Tempo did not disappoint. Auto-focus, presented in a built-in, making the resulting images are not blurry and always sharp. By default, the camera phone is pursuing an object and improve image quality.

Not a real wah capabilities. But, if the user wanted to create a video documentary short duration to show it to a colleague or uploaded to YouTube, this camera can be relied upon. Moreover Butterfly also provides a video editing application that can make a collage into a story.

Has HTC Butterfly was more fun because the phone screen is completely spoil the eye. Full HD screen on this phone is sure about it. High-resolution screen is a must have on any smartphone released this year. But not all of them fulfill the wishes of the wearer.

HTC Butterfly are the best examples. With a size of 5 inches, the screen has an amazing resolution, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels. As a result, the pixel density at 440 ppi. In comparison, the iPhone 5 has a pixel density of 326 ppi, while the Samsung Galaxy Note II is only 267 ppi. The result, coupled with a layer of Gorilla Glass, the phone screen is also visible cling. Watch the video to their own entertainment.

Of course there were sacrificed behind all this greatness. High-resolution screens suck much battery capacity.

Should indeed users must downsize the battery this phone is not too often uses the features of a video or play around with the screen brightness. But who would not be tempted by the advantages Butterfly. Maybe it's the name Butterfly Effect.

One more disturbing is the SIM card safe. Mini-sized SIM cards rather difficult to put in a small cage in the phone. People are impatient better ask someone more expert.

However, apart from that, HTC Butterfly really pretty like a butterfly and smart.

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