LONDON, - a giant cliff with a depth of 250 meters was found at the bottom of the Red Sea. The cliff is found by the mission of the MHS Enterprise owned by the British Navy.

The cliffs are found when the mission of HMS Enterprise 3D mapping the Red Sea region to the west of the Suez Canal, Egypt. The Ministry of Defence announced this discovery on Tuesday (02/26/2013).

The cliffs can be found with the help of sound waves. The sound waves are sent to the ocean floor and then let bounce. The longer period waves bouncing, the more the seabed being mapped.

The data obtained by observation is then converted into a 3D map. Finally, the discovery of a class Grand Canyon's cliffs.

Derek Rae, mission controllers Enterprise, told Discovery on Tuesday, said, "The cliffs may be formed from an ancient river that breaks the rock before it turns into the Red Sea region thousands of years ago."

It is possible, cliffs also has a younger feature, a feature that is still suffering formation.

Enterprise will still be in the Middle East this year. Its mission has remained the same, map the seafloor. Brother mission, HMS Echo, after 19 months of the mission, managed to find a variety of wrecks in various waters of the world.

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