often associated with computers. Because the computer is the invention that has changed substantially changed anywhere in the world. Therefore, it could be considered a computer is a flashback of the progress of the technology world. So with any computer, people can do the job more quickly and efficiently.

Indeed, ongoing technological developments. Also did not escape the world of computers, which currently continues to have new innovations. One of these computers to go green theme, and many other innovations. Therefore, more and more technology develops, you need to know how the current technological developments. Therefore, here I will write an article for your technology, which may help you.
Computer was first conceived in 1822 which was originally only used as a tool for quickly calculating the so-called difference engine. After that in 1833 Charles Babbage's difference engine developed further with the concept of a more profound and general. This machine can perform any calculations, so that the engine for the first time this is known as a general-purpose digital computer called the analytical engine.

In 1937, Prof. Aikem Howard, one start designing and developing the production of a computer that can perform arithmetic and logic operations automatically. Computers were designed by Prof. Howard initially only electronic mechanical. Then with the help of the IBM company, the electronics company is now also a computer company in 1944, computer design is completed electronically. The computer was given the name "Harvard Mark I Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator (ASCC)". Quite complicated indeed, but that is the forerunner of the computer itself.

In 1948, the discovery of the transistor start, this is the forerunner of all electronic goods have a smaller size drastically. No exception to the previous notabennya computer has a super large size. In 1956, transistors began to be used on computers that make computers work faster, efficient, and small. Start big companies use computers to support processing of financial information.

In 1958 Jack Kilby developed the integrated circuit (IC: integrated circuit). IC combined three electronic components onto a small silicon disc, made ​​from quartz. Scientists later managed to fit more components into a single chip, called a semiconductor. The result is a smaller computer, because some component functions have been taken over by the IC.

Computers more years of growing, and eventually formed the names of processors found in 1971. After the incident, computers become smaller, because a lot of the components are put together, and its role was replaced by the processor. After that, along with the development of computers, was discovered LAN for data transmission efficiency, sharing tools, or anything else. Having improved a lot over the years, now the computer becomes as we see today.

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