Computer manufacturer Dell in February 2013 plans to acquire all shares owned by the investor so that Dell could again become a private company. However, the move was opposed by investors.

Dell is now trying to ensure that the future of business PCs and notebooks filled with uncertainty. Decline in the demand for PC and notebook is better known as the "Post PC Era" or "Doomsday PC".
In a document that Dell filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, United States, Friday (29/03/2013), the company revealed the reason why they want to get out of the traditional PC business and would like to be a private company.

Dell a gloomy picture of the future of the PC industry as a whole. Of course, Dell revealed that sales of personal computers (PCs) and notebook is in decline. Therefore, the company wants to reduce the risks as PC manufacturers.

Here are some of the points made in the document that Dell, as quoted by Forbes.

- The decrease in revenue in the market for desktop and notebook PCs and significant uncertainty as to whether or when the decline will end.

- Difficulty in predicting overall market for PCs as evidenced by the significant revisions in estimates among industry experts and industry analysts during the year 2012.

- Ongoing price pressure down and commoditization trend in notebook and desktop PC market.

- Shifting demand from higher margins on premium PC products.

- Increased use of alternative PC operating system of Microsoft Windows.

- Increased adoption trends and business policies bring your own device (bring your own device / BYOD).

Of points proposed by Dell, seemed to confirm that the company would be in trouble if the business survives on PC. Dell saw that more and more people are turning away from the Windows operating system.

Since the arrival of smart phones and tablets based on Android and iOS, the signs of decline in PC sales and notebook is already visible, in which technology trends began to shift towards mobile.

Currently, sales of smart phones and tablets grows very fast. Research institute NPD Display Search predicts global tablet shipments will surpass laptop computer shipments in 2013. A total of 240 million units of the tablet will be sent to all parts of the world, while laptop shipments only 207 units in 2013.

Some computer companies have started investing and ready to welcome the mobile era. Apple is ready with iPhone and iPad, as well as several companies are adopting Android for smart phones and tablets.

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